Darius, his Wheelchair and a Bunch of Dudes in a RV Will Change Your Life

It is difficult to write about the acclaimed, award winning documentary "Darius Goes West" without using phrases that have become cliche or superlatives that are tossed about casually and excessively these days. That said, I will tell you that this is a film that is deeply moving and offers profound, life changing lessons. The film was made by novice film makers on a low budget and it shows. It is not the most technically sophisticated piece of movie making you will ever see but I am certain that it is a piece of art that will remain with me. ...more

Planet Laura Blows Up: The Stolen Road to Eli Clare

In my mind, it was going to be so wonderful. It was a singularly gorgeous Autumn day in Chicago. Eli Clare, whose poetry I deeply respect, was presenting downtown and Michael was free to go with me. We would get an early start and, for the first time in 18 years of friendship, hang out together in the city, like people do sometimes on a perfect afternoon. Away from work. ...more