Indianapolis Children's Museum

The Indianapolis Children's Museum is the world's largest museum of its kind and a definite must-see attraction if you have kids. My kids loved everything about it and would like to go back as often as possible. Between the excellent dinosaur exhibit, train displays, indoor carousel and playhouse, National Geographic Treasures of the Earth exhibits, dedicated toddler/preschooler area, and plenty of hands-on science stations, the kids will enjoy hours of educational entertainment. There are always several rotating special exhibits as well....more

5 Must-Do Chicago Attractions with Kids

Chicago is such an awesome city to visit: full of history, world-class museums, shopping, fun dining options and kid-friendly attractions. If you are thinking ahead to spring break or summer vacation, Chicago is definitely a place to keep on the list of musts for family trips. I have visited Chicago at least a dozen times over the years. Some trips were for business, some for a girls' only weekend, a few have been a one-day up and back Chicago day trip and, of course, the family vacation....more

Best & Worst Ages to Fly With Babies & Kids

There are a million traveling parents out there who worry about whether they will survive air travel with kids.  Parents especially worry whether we will bother others with a fussy infant or tantruming toddler.  To complicate matters more,  it is very hard to anticipate how your infant or toddler will behave on a flight when you need to book plane tickets months in advance.  This is especially for a first time parent where every day presents new and unanticipated changes in routine and habits....more

4 Tips For Making Long Car Trips With Toddlers More...Tolerable

Listen, this post is not going to send you looking for one of those grocery getters with a third row of seats just so you can cram in a few more ankle biters on your family trip to Super Dandy Wilderness Resort.  It will, however, give you a few tips to slightly ease your road trip pain without using Benadryl, ear plugs or idle threats....more

How to get Your Kids to Love Sightseeing!

You know I am a mom of two rambunctious boys.  So many people have asked me ...How did you get them to enjoy sightseeing so much? We have been lucky enough to visit 20 countries in the last 5 years, and they actually enjoyed it,  remember it, and even learned a thing or two! Imagine that!  ...more

Things to Avoid While Road Tripping With Kids

We are a reluctant group of road warriors. With family spaced out up to 10-12 hours in 3 different directions, we spend a lot of time making road trips to get in some quality time with them because we don't have a small fortune to invest in (or an extra child we can put on eBay to fund) plane tickets. And also because you can force me to drive 12 hours with 2 kids (4 and 2) any day before you will ever get me to agree to trap myself in an airport and on a plane with them. ...more
Avoiding the truck stop diner is a great tip, and I never thought of bringing instant coffee ...more

Tahoe - My Return to the Snow

My last visit to Tahoe was 7 years ago.  Marathon training, pregnancy, moving and young kids kept us off the mountains.  Our priorities and focus were elsewhere.  The long awaited return to the snow was exciting for so many reasons.   As a girl from the midwest, the fact that our kids had almost no snow exposure prior to this trip was inconceivable.  It was time to make a trip to Tahoe....more
Ski school is great! It's the best way to get the kids started on the slopes! And enjoy some ...more

1-Night Trips: Indianapolis with Kids

  Indianapolis is such a great city! The destinations in this 1-night stay work really well together because both are incredibly kid-friendly and one is mainly an outside attraction while the other is strictly inside so you can plan according to the weather. ...more