Why Travel with Kids?

Why Travel with Kids? Why travel with kids? It can be inconvenient- dragging toys, extra clothes, portable electronics, and a huge supply of Capri-Suns halfway across the country. Not to mention if you have a baby or toddler and you might as well rent a trailer to haul everything you're going to need. Plus, the kids are out of their normal routine, might be missing sleep and are eating on the run. Nerves can get frayed and tantrums blow up, particularly if it's hot and standing in line is involved. ...more

Zoo Highlights: The Columbus Zoo

 Zoo Highlights: The Columbus Zoo I love visiting zoos. Most zoos these days are very well laid out with natural surroundings and top notch care for the animals. An afternoon at the zoo can be such a wonderful learning experience for kids. I wanted to highlight some of the zoos I have enjoyed visiting, starting with The Columbus Zoo.The Columbus Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the country boasting eight distinct sections, divided according to world regions....more

Vacation Erased

My daughter is a spoiled brat right now, because we took her on vacation. I always dread the day after we return from a trip, because I have to resume my Jedi mind tricks to whip her back from being a brat to a well-behaved child…all alone. This is the curse of the family vacation. ...more

Guest Post - Traveling with Kids

 I'm not the greatest at traveling with my kids. The two-hour plane ride to my parents seems daunting enough, never mind more ambitious trips. But as guest poster, Logan, says, maybe I should give it a try. ___ ...more

The *Sniff* Magic of Disney

I spent two hours the other day desperately trying to reattach the "O" key to the keyboard of my laptop, after I removed it to free a crumb from underneath. Frustrated, and unable to figure out what was wrong with the key, I put it aside and gave up.A few hours later, I awoke from a nap with new enthusiasm, and decided to try again. I reattached it on the first try. The problem? I tried, for two hours, to reattach the key upside down. Clearly, I don't do sick well. I don't do idle time very well, either....more
 @Isabel_Anders Thanks. And it helps me, too. ;-)more

Travel Don'ts

Here’s how NOT to fly cross-country with your two young children. Consider this a parental Public Service Announcement.1. Take a flight scheduled at the end of the day, at the end of a weekend of 100-degree temps in New York City....more

Deliver Me From the Holiday Road Trip to Hell

We're driving from San Francisco to Phoenix next week, to spend Christmas with thirteen much-loved family members. The "we" in this scenario is me, my husband, and our three children -- one of whom is a ten-year-old boy with rather intense autism. We've never been on a road trip this long, not as a family of five. I keep wavering between tentative optimism and freaking out, so perhaps you can tell me: Are we delusional? Can this trip succeed? ...more

We're taking all of your advice to heart -- and we'll report back. Fingers ...more

Essential Travel Gear for Infants

When you get ready for your first trip with the baby, it can seem overwhelming to decide what to take with you. You might hear yourself saying, “if I could only pack up this entire nursery...”. These days, when you travel, taking a minimum amount of things is essential (especially with airport fees and baggage limitations). To help out parents with infants, I list some of the items I feel are essential when traveling with the baby. This article does not include items such as diapers, baby food, clothing, etc....more

Great Spots for Kids in New York City

After I attended the BlogHer '10 conference in NYC, my family joined me for several days of sight-seeing afterwards.  We had a blast!  Here's what we did:   Times Square...more

I remember going to Jing Fong for my friend's rehearsal dinner. So good!

Just a couple weeks ...more

Control Freak: Tips for Safe and Happy Traveling with Kids

The Hesitant Step I have to admit I get a little panicky when it comes to flying, as I have mentioned in ...more