Nature Photo Challenge, Day 5

Day 5: I know technically this is a montage of 6 photos... but it's also a one-in-a-million shot... ...more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 2

Day two of an online photo challenge on Facebook:There's something about logs on the beach that I love to photograph. I like their texture. I like to imagine their story of how they traveled from some wooded area and fell into a river, then were carried downstream to the ocean where they might have floated a long distance before landing on the beach. They might even still float away at high tide to another destination. ...more

Travel photography tips and resources

These tips and resources will help you take amazing photos next time you travel.Before you go, do your research....more
stephliebold Thank you :) you're right "capturing their unique point of view" that's they key!more

Taxi Protests and Birds Eye Views - Seville, Spain

We got our major day trips out of the way early in the week so we could veg on the beach of the remainder of our time in Spain. After spending the day in Morocco on Saturday, and a wonderful day at the beach on Sunday, we ventured off to Seville, Spain on Monday....more

Continent Hopping: A Day in Africa, Morocco - Part 3

After Asilah, we climbed back in the van and ventured back to Tangier, where our adventure was going to continue through the old city.But first, a stop for lunch at one of the only places open. During Ramadan, most places close during the day since they fast from sunrise to sunset. At sunset, they all open and stay open late into the night.We experienced true Moroccon cuisine; beef cous cous and chicken pastella. Both were amazing....more

Continent Hopping: A Day in Africa, Morocco Part 2

Asilah, Morocco was beautiful. There really isn’t any other way to describe it. As we strolled through their Kasbah, we witnessed the sheer beauty of this old city. White buildings with teal doors, flowers growing everywhere, cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and the colors that could be found painted on the buildings were unbelievable. A photographer’s dream.Jamal led us through the windy, twisty roads all the way to the top, where climbed a set of steps, and suddenly was overlooking the ocean....more

The Critical Question: To Shoot or not to Shoot

    Travellers and tourists love to take pictures to document their travels and take back memories of the richness of their experiences and share them with their families, friends and audiences. The more I travel, the more I see examples of insensitivity in click-happy tourists. Sure, we all have our moments of absolute certainty that we could be the next National Geographic photographers, and so we absolutely must take that one ‘heart warming’ picture....more

Argostoli and Kefalonia Island

It was an early excursion today.  We had room service deliver breakfast to wake us up once again.  The weather promised to be stifling hot again today so we dressed in cool clothing. We picked up water on the way to the gangway. Michael in Argostoli before boarding the tour bus....more
 @HomeRearedChef Again, THANK you my dear for coming along!  :)more

Itching for Travel? Read About Canada, New York and Southeast Asia

It's exciting to discover new blogs about travel -- there are so many different voices, so many styles of travel, so many ways to tell stories. It's always fun to take a spin through the travel blogs on BlogHer, to find new writers and meet new travelers. In case you're wondering what catches my eye, I'm always attracted to photos that capture a place, stories that take me there, and voices that sound real. On the practical side, I like information that's easy to navigate, authoritative, and fun to read. ...more

Sherry, I'm nutty about your blog, I think it's great. I'm happy to share the love. ...more

Stories Only A Picture Can Tell

As a fairly new photographer with a trip to Rwanda coming up this May, I've been scouring the web looking for women who are using their photography skills to make a faraway place come alive. I'm particularly interested in artists who understand the power of images to transform our understanding of what's possible--especially in less developed countries where pictures in today's news outlets too often tell one dimensional stories about the way the rest of the world lives. ...more

Hi my best friend [Bee] lives in Eritrea she has been taking stunning photos for years now, ...more