Royal Vacay

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A day of Cherokee Indian culture

As my husband Ronnie, daughter GG and I headed to Cherokee, North Carolina from Tennessee, my thoughts wandered to what I've heard about the place.Cherokee, North Carolina not only houses a casino but is actually inhabited by the Cherokee, a native Indian tribe. When we arrived there, we saw signs around town printed in English and Cherokee....more

An unplanned Gatlinburg getaway

I’M not quite sure how to describe the city of Gatlinburg, Tennessee other than a town that took my breathe away. I spent one weekend recently in Gatlinburg with husband Ronnie and daughter GG. It was actually an unplanned getaway....more

Planning to Travel in 2014? Yes, It's Time to Start Planning

Victoria's Travel TidBitZ:Plan NOW to Travel LATER!Does the Early Bird Still Get the Worm?It's still very early in the year and maybe you're still recuperating from the holidays and don't really want to think about making travel plans for 2014 yet (or maybe you already have?) Well, we all operate differently and have different comfort levels, but my advice to you would be to start NOW. In other words, yes, the early bird does still get the worm!...more