Behind the Scenes: A Travel Writer Press Junket

When I mention that I write travel features for magazines and newspapers, I invariably hear one of two responses: “If you ever need someone to come along, call me!” or “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do.” Everyone, it seems, yearns to be a travel writer. You get paid to eat at a passel of restaurants, indulge in fancy hotels, and snare lots of swag, right?...more
Sounds like two great nights! I really enjoyed reading about the press junket! Thanks for giving ...more

From Newbie to BlogHer Panelist Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown is Chicago-bound

At last year's BlogHer conference I walked in as a newbie and walked out energized as a travel blogger.  I had been blogging on the Bootsnall Network under my What a Trip name, but it wasn't until I attended the 2008 BlogHer Conference in San Francisco that my blog began to take off. I owe a huge thank you to Krystyn Heide at Squarespace for offering to design my What a Trip blog when we met at the Blogging 101 session. I feel like the football player who won the Superbowl only I'm not ...more