Use Travel to Learn New Languages

I used to speak a fairly passable Spanish, but it's all gone now, trounced on by German, and yes, go ahead and run with that metaphor if you need to. Over the weekend I found myself really regretting that my career as a polyglot has become so narrow. The people I met on my recent travels had a least two languages at the ready, some of them three, some more, even. And me with my Spanish for the iPod kit sitting right here, unopened. Oh, the shame of it. ...more

On the Road Again

Random thoughts while traveling down the highway on the way to a family gathering six hours away: What do truckers do on Christmas? Delilah on the radio says she’s going sledding and skiing this weekend, and wants us to take her along whatever we’re doing this weekend.  Is she going to have a radio on her while she skis down the mountain?  I doubt it.  ...more

My Own Christmas Newsletter: Spoiler Alert - Includes Swine Flu

December, 2009         It may be better to give than receive, but I'd rather read your newsletters and cards than try to remember the past year in enough detail to write my own. ...more

Holiday Newsletters Are Arriving - Fa La La La La!

Here they come again, cards and even better, envelopes bearing holiday newsletters and photos and tales of travels and details about what life brought and what it took away during this year that’s ending soon. ...more

10 Tips for Traveling in Style -- Yes, It Can Be Done

The holiday travel season is well underway, and everyone is looking for ways to avoid checking a bag. There's always been a pretty good chance that you and your luggage would end up in different places--but now the airlines are charging you $25/bag to lose your luggage. I just spent a week out of town attending various dressy events, and I did it without checking a bag. I carried the two small bags the airlines allow me carry onto the plane.  Here's my advice: ...more

useful travel tips, in our country, we have two options for travelling, by ship or by plane, ...more

Empires Can't Be Run Alone

He pushed me up against the tiled wall under the hot stream of water. I could see his face in the pale light of the moon coming in through the window over us. He kissed me and held me, wet and hot, against his chest. “When I look at you, you’re still so new to me,” he whispered in the silver light. “But when I close my eyes to kiss you, I recognize you.” “It’s because we’re the same city,” I said. I don't really know you, but my essence recognizes you, Tristan. ...more

I am not sure whether this is true or whether I imagined it in adolescence, but after reading ...more

How to Experience Extreme Winter Travel

She had a point. Iceland is an isolated, sparsely populated hunk of land in the Arctic. Main activities for tourists include walking on a glacier, ice climbing, and buying cool winter gear. Not exactly the typical beach vacation for wintered-in Alaskans.--Way to Go, Kevin! ...more

Weekend Word to the Wise (Lodging)

This weekend's word to the wise is related to my recent blog post about local hotels vs....more

Budget for Your Vacation--Pt. 4 (Lodging-Hotels: Locals vs. Chains)

So, let me start by recapping my series on Budgeting for Your Vacation.In Budgeting for Your Vacation--Pt....more

The Compass Rose: Thicker than Water

" by Ainslie Jones Uhl...more