Cheating on Anguilla

I have a confession to make. * deep breath * You see… I’ve made plans to visit another island besides Anguilla, and I’m feeling pretty guilty about it....more

Our Children Can Learn from this Ocean Adventure

It's historic, adventuresome, exhilarating, and requires swift skill and navigation. It takes place in unbiased and merciless territory. And it's really, really fun - especially when you have access to someone else's boat and crew....more

Why does urban India still need no-men zones?

Talk to any Indian woman about travel and transportation in India, and she will have a story to tell; of cat-calls, bottom pinches, lewd gestures and remarks, molestation -- everything that can make living or traveling by yourself feel like a risky enterprise. More so in urban centers, where more and more women are working and living alone. ...more

Megan, that's exactly what I meant when I said for many men, women's emancipation has meant ...more

Great Stuff in the Travel Blogroll

On the Northern tip of Morocco, just east of Tangier, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, there is a little piece of Spain called Ceuta, in fact further along the coast there is another one as well known as Melilla. The closest for us is Ceuta or Sebta as it is sometimes known in Morocco. It is a tiny place of about approximately 28 square kilometers. ...more

Hi Pam!

Thanks so much for checking into my blog and mentioning it in yours! I am so ...more

Istanbul — Day 2: Durums, Sights and a lot of Walking

We slept in late on Saturday, late enough so that once we dressed and got coffee it was almost lunch time.  So we decided to get lunch instead of breakfast.  The day before we left New York, I was on the Chowhound message boards looking at potential places to eat in Turkey and Greece.  I came across a great find -- Anthony Bourdain had filmed in Istanbul this very same week and a passerby saw him eatıng and filming at Durum Zade, a little grilling stand in the fish market area of Beyoglu.  Pete did some good mapping and we walked to this durum ...more

Traveling in Style: Favorite Types of Luggage

In a recent travel discussion, members of an online travel community discussed their favorite types of luggage. Surprisingly, travelers said finding that perfect suitcase or tote makes packing seem so much simpler and provides a feeling of satisfaction during the stress of packing. Here is a list of some of the top brands of luggage to help give you a starting point. ...more

Be Smart & Get Set To Jet

Traveling and jet-setting the world is my passion! ...more

Travelog Europe: Trees I visited

Travelog Europe: Trees I visited Botanicals I observed and photographed in Rennes, France while I was attending the 2009 International Ethological Conference. ...more

Battleship Steel: Or, What I Learned This Summer

by Olga Statz ...more

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