Funen (Fyn)

Funen (Fyn) is engagingly pretty, with rural scenery, thatched farmhouses and a surprisingly varied set of attractions. The chirpy modern city of Odense is Hans Christian Andersen crazy – sculptures of trolls lounge on street corners, duckling-and-swan mobiles dangle from gift shop windows, and even the lights at pedestrian crossings feature a certain well-known fairy-tale writer. ...more

Is Your Family Vacation...Kid-Friendly?

During our last family trip of the summer, I had a blast listening to what made my kids excited and happy about traveling. I've concluded that while grownups might be interested in sightseeing, kids are much more interested in sightdoing. Here are some translations between the vacation priorities of kids and adults that I've come up with... Adult: beautiful beachesChild: sand castles, shell collections, beach swings Adult: local culture ...more

We've traveled 18 states with our girls. The key, finding a "kid stop" every day. ...more

I've Been Thinking About Taking a Cruise

I was recently invited on a seven day cruise. It's a promotional thing, a press thing. Sounds great, of course, kind of amazing and yes, I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity. I'm sure I can get the week plus transit time off to go, and it's not just all expenses included, but it's got some added perks -- I'll get a mini-suite with a balcony, spa treatments, a shore excursion... the goodies that cost cruise passengers extra. ...more

I appreciate you seriously considered the trip as part of the whole don't knock it before you ...more

Zara Tanzania Adventures

Overall, we had a sucessful Tanzania adventure with Zara Tanzania Adventures. We did their thirteen day Kilimanjaro trek (via the Machame, or Whiskey, route) and Serengeti safari package. We made it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and we saw the "Big Five" (plus dozens of other wonderful animals) on safari. But there were a few times when we thought, "This could be better." ...more

Coaches on the Edge Take to the Road: Proceed with Caution

Reporting from NYC. The land of a naked cowboy - Laurie ...more

Raped at a Marriott in Front of Your Toddlers? Too Bad, Slacker.

Editor's Update: Marriott says, "It was a mistake to suggest that the victim of this tragic incident was responsible for the vicious crime against her." This story was updated on BlogHer with Marriott's response early Wednesday morning and with additional updates in the comment section August 20. You may read the update at BlogHer here. ...more

Marriott calls the language a "mistake." and has ...more

Travel Writers, A Tough Crowd to Please

First, an admission: I missed Confessions of a Travel Writer. I failed to set my DVR and went out to hang with a handful of travel bloggers instead. As it stands, today, I have no opinion about the show. But man, oh man, other people do and it looks like the majority of viewers within the wired travel crowd HATED the show's host, Charles Runnette. HATED him. ...more

I don't believe you actually have to get tired of things that are truly ...more

Ten Hours on the Tarmac

Over the weekend about 50 passengers experienced airplane hell aboard a Continental Airlines regional jet stuck on the tarmac. Everybody was headed to Minnesota’s Twin Cities, but thunderstorms in the area forced the plane to take a pit stop in Rochester to wait out the storm and get some gas. ...more

The Air Passenger's Bill of Rights or whatever the new, official term is, is FINALLY set to ...more

Safekeeping of Your Jewelry - Part 1 - Travelling With Jewelry

Your personal jewelry has been acquired over your lifetime.  It could be something as sentimental as your first gold chain with religious medallion, your childhood charm bracelet, diamond engagement ring or inherited antique jewelry just to name a few.  Nonetheless, these pieces not only have sentimental worth, but also significant monetary value. ...more

when travelling, if it's not necessary just don't bring it. specially if it has a significance ...more

Backpackers' Border Blunder

Those intrepid American adventurers have done it again. Blundered obliviously into an area where they shouldn't actually be. Three Americans, 27 year old Shane Bauer and Joshua Fattal, and 30 year old Sara Shourd. Backpackers, on the adventure of their lives. In the rugged mountains between Iraq and Iran, where else? Where, as it happens they have been arrested for "illegal entry". ...more