Before #BlogHer14, I'm going on vacation ALONE

In anticipation of the assumed chaos that will be #BlogHer14, I flew across the country a couple of days early to be alone.  And to write.  And to think.  And to be alone.   And to write more.  Plus, I knew that it would be crazy to fly 3000 miles just to sit in conference rooms for three days.So, today is my first day completely alone.  This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever done something like this.  Usually, someone is waiting for me on the other end of my trip or I plan to meet quickly....more
travelswithtam Thanks for reading!  I've always liked myself and hardly ever feel lonely, but ...more

5 Tips for Solo Female Travel

Traveling alone as a female is not as dangerous, scary, lonely, or {insert negative adjective here} as you’ve heard it is on TV, or from your albeit well-meaning relatives. Or at least…it doesn’t have to be....more
Me and My Merrells  I was updating this post as you must have been reading it! You must be so ...more

A Little Piece of Heaven in Bethany, PA

This past weekend, I discovered a little piece of heaven.  My friend, B, and I decided we needed some R&R, so we headed up to The Mansion at Noble Lane, a boutique resort in northeastern Pennsylvania that was originally the home of the FW Woolworth family.  I was looking for a place where I, in all my singleness, would feel comfortable going alone and I found it…though I didn't go by myself this time.  But I know I will someday soon. ...more

Avoiding Vehicle Attacks

According to a national crime victimization survey report titled, "Violence Against Women," conducted and reported by Ronet Bachman, Ph.D., with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., 43 percent of the attacks on women were by strangers and occurred outside the home. ...more