The less glamourous aspects of travel

I’m no world traveller, but I do get around a bit more than I have in the past, and I’m starting to learn that solo work travelling isn’t as glamourous as I may have thought it would be....more

Planning a Trip? 5 Must Have FREE Travel Apps

Few weeks ago, I was overseas and my iPhone was never been so handy!  In the palm of your hand you can find all information you need helping you to travel smoothly.  I tested all the listed below apps and they are still in my iPhone folder under the Travels name so enjoy it!...more
I can’t agree more Angel, there are plenty of full version apps that make all the difference ...more

Mercat de ka Boqueria

I wanted to show you guys the beautiful food market in Barcelona, located right off the Ramblas, the main pedestrian street. This is reputedly the best food market in all of Spain and it lived up to its glory! Here I am* at the entrance of the market smiling and trying not to get run over by the tourists:...more

I live in Rabat, Morocco, since 18 months, married, mom of three girls, expatriate. We have also lived in China, France and Switzerland. I was born in the Netherlands....more

Travelling with a child

Travelling with an infant is not easy but they say its easier than a toddler and I absolutely agree.I have travelled with my son when he was just few weeks old and I used to think it was tough till this journey happened. I was travelling alone with my one year old and he kept me completely on tenterhooks........  To read more click  Here ...more