My Story In 21 Days As Part of Winter Tangerine Review's "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" project

I am happy and proud to be featured in this project published by Winter Tangerine Review. My story “In 21 Days” appears. I wrote the story to provide my energy to the reality of a disproportionate number of Black Americans who are sentenced to hard time or who await the death penalty....more

The Color of Crime

Do the majority of people perceive violent crime as an African-American creation because it is most often true or because it is most often shown?...more

"Post Racial America???"

“Post Racial America”Posted by MizzRebelution on January 10, 2014On November 4th 2008, when Barack Oba...more

Modern Race Relations 101: A Primer for White People

courtesy of samurairacer.blogspot.comWell before the Trayvon Martin&nb...more

Reflections on White Privilege While Raising a Child of Color: I Am Not Trayvon Martin's Mom

I remember the very first time that I felt the complete and utter helplessness of motherhood, the ability for the flipside of all that love to bubble up as terror at the thought of what you cannot control. My daughter was two days old, and we were checking into a hospital because she had elevated bilirubin levels and needed some time on the UV lights. I hadn't slept for more than thirty minutes for over 70 hours, and I had just given birth. When the nurse told us we were being admitted, I burst into tears....more

Having My Say: Trayvon, Juror B-29 & Parenting While Brown

I've been delaying the inevitable -- returning to my blog to write through my hurt regarding the murder of 17 yr old Trayvon Martin, and all the brutal [race in America] truths that slapped me REPEATEDLY in the face during the trial of George Zimmerman and following his acquittal of ALL charges related to Trayvon's d...more
@Tisha_Starr Hi Tisha! The point you raised re: race not mattering in respect to the ...more

My Son Is Not Trayvon -

First off please check out these blog posts: list of some really good ones can be found here>

How White Women Can Be Better Allies With Black Men

In the days immediately following the George Zimmerman acquittal I was in a state of shock. I wasn’t alone. I was stuck home with children too young to take to after-bedtime demonstrations, so I sat in front of my computer and tweeted with like-minded, grieving, angry fellow travelers....more
this: "As a white woman, I feel a special responsibility (I almost wrote “culpability” and I’m ...more