What Do You Know About Heroin Withdrawal Timeline?

Nowadays, heroin is one of the most used drugs that has high mortality rates between humans. At the time that the intravenous use of heroin has decreased, it has been found that heroin abuse is currently occurring among school-aged teens and young people and it is really affecting their lives....more

What You Need to Know about Gnats Bite

Those who like to spend time doing outdoor activities especially those like to explore the wilderness, insect bite may be a common thing but it doesn’t mean you can ignore it all. Insect bites not only make you feel uncomfortable but it can also cause health problems from as minor as itchy and skin rash to allergy or even much serious health problems. It is also important to understand that there are many different types of insect with different bite effects. Understanding how to identity insect bites will help determine the right treatment....more


 You can never tell if the person sitting next to you has lice in their hair. Lice may be the tiniest creature you will ever see, but one should not underestimate the damage it can do to your scalp and your hair quality. These creepy crawlies can make the scalp itchy and sore. Talking about the worst case scenario, a bigger quantity of lice can even cause bumps in your scalp, which can be difficult to treat. The presence of lice in the head can also lead to severe cases of eczema and dandruff....more

Best Ways to Treat Eczema

Dear Diary, Over your lifetime, you probably walked to raise money and raise awareness for cancer, lupus, MS, or epilepsy. But have you tied up your sneakers for eczema? Although the ailment is far from deadly, and I wouldn’t dare compare it to a devastating disease, eczema doesn’t have a cure. And for the first time, a charity walk was held in North Carolina to try to find one. ...more

Hemangioma - Our Story

I was thrown into the world of hemangiomas just recently.  A hemangioma is an abnormal growth of blood vessels in the skin. It generally occurs in babies right after birth up to 6 weeks. Hemangiomas can be deep or superficial.  A deep hemangioma is under the skin and a superficial is on the surface of the skin. There are several treatments out there including surgery, medication, and the "wait and see" approach....more

Losing it all to alcohol: A powerful story of triumph against a common and destructive disease

 Growing up, Tracy Nickel never thought she would one day become an alcoholic. Turns out she did. Nickel has been sober now almost five years.Her story begins when she had her first drink at age 16. At first it was all for fun like everybody else. She said she didn’t really have a problem with alcohol until her late 20s and into her early 30s....more

Truth and Co-dependency

My grandfather died of cirrhosis of the liver.  One of my uncles, that same grandfather's son, was an alcoholic.  Both my brothers are addicts/alcoholics. Actually, my oldest brother died this year and you can read about that here if you'd like.  I have at least 5 cousins who are addicts/alcoholics....more

The truth about Carcinophobia and how to treat this rare and irrational fear of cancer

Carcinophobia is a comparatively rare phobia, which consists of extreme and irrational fear of getting cancer. People affected with carcinophobia often display symptoms close to those to other disorders such as OCD and social phobia, for example. They will tend to think that they can get cancer from anything, and that it is contagious, which clearly is not the case. This extreme fear will cause people suffering of carcinophobia to frequently washing their hands, feel anxiety, panic and hyperventilation. Other symptoms include headaches, sweating, trembling and even panic attacks....more