Remission and Residual Symptoms of Depression: How much of depression can be treated?

I think it was only about a decade or two ago, the prevailing idea for depression treatment was to put someone on medication for 9 months then stop.   But then, people realized that ...more

Halotherapy: Is it worth it's weight in salt?

There are halotherapy centers cropping up all over the US and EU. I had been asked about the effectiveness of these centers in casual conversation, had no idea what it was, and honestly never gave the topic a passing thought….until I passed one in a strip mall in Florida. The sign outside the center offered that it could fix just about every respiratory and skin ailment one could dream of having: asthma, headaches, allergies, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Flu, smokers cough, chronic bronchitis, psoriasis, eczema….and the list goes on!...more

A Gentler Chemotherapy? A Huge Breakthrough in Fighting Cancer!

I know that almost everyone fears cancer for tons of reasons, but the first thing that people always think of are the treatments: chemotherapy, radiation, and the horrible side effects. Breast cancer will be diagnosed in over 230,000 women in the US in 2013, and over 39,000 will die from the disease, and it is one of the top killers of women worldwide annually. With numbers like that, and previous treatment options, the fear is real....more