Celebrate St David's Day in Style with these Welsh Cakes Recipe

Celebrate St David's Day in style with these traditional Welsh Cakes (Picau ar y maen.) These delicately spiced mini cakes are made the traditional way using lard, butter, and juicy sultanas. Welsh cakes are so quick and easy to make that they will soon become your new favourite teatime treat....more

Low Fat Yogurt Granola Popsicles

Get in touch with your inner child. These delicious popsicles are sure to be a hit to kids and adults alike!...more

Christmas Almond Bark Pretzels


Delicious Summer Treats

Summer seems like the perfect time to have decadent treats with the kids, doesn't it? Here are a couple of the delicious treats we've made this week.Homemade "Magic Shell" Chocolate Topping1.5 C chocolate chips (we used milk chocolate)3 tbs virgin coconut oil...more

What are We Eating Wednesday? 14 Valentine’s Day Treats!

 In elementary school as soon as the pink and red Valentine paraphernalia appeared on the Eckerd shelves I spent all of my kid effort trying to get my parents to get cards and candy for me to take to school.  I have such fond memories when I look at these… http://www.parentingthroughschoolyears.com/what-are-we-eating-wednesday-14-valentines-day-treats/ ...more

Valentine's Day Recap

It's Valentine's Recap Day! Enjoy a trip down memory lane and maybe pick up a few ideas for this Valentine's Day. Check back tomorrow for a cute kid's valentine card idea! {decorations}2012 ...more

Jerky Treats From China Are Killing Our Pets!

Jerky Treats From China Are Killing Our Pets! I just want to make sure everyone has seen this! It’s just so infuriating!   ...more

Laura Ingalls Wilder, You Had the Right Idea

by Katie Workman, author of The Mom 100 Cookbook, creator of themom100.com blogSo, I hope by now you know I’m not someone who over-coddles their children in any way, especially not when it comes to eating.  My kids know that if trout is on the table, it must be tried,  that vegetables are part of every meal, that soda is for special occasions, that blah blah blah....more

At least Grandma will feed us

What is it about stepping over the threshold into Grandma’s house that has our children transforming into pitiful creatures who’ve seen nary a morsel of even stale bread cross their famished and parched lips in weeks? Or at least for the last 30 minutes. And typically it’s more of a weak stumble over the door jam, which elicits concerned cries of, “Oh, mon chéri…you poor dear…can I get you anything? Are you hungry? Do you need a drink?”...more