Photo: Far and Filters

Trying to get caught up on NaBloPoMo posts today. I'm combining two in one with this pic to show "Far" and "Filter Me This." This glass block wall flanking one side of the sidewalk with trees on the other side seems to go on forever! Used the VSCOCam Sepia filter....more

Flowers in a drought

Despite the blessedly beautiful storm clouds covering my neighborhood right now, California is in a terribly, ugly, awful, persistent drought. Thinking about the lack of water and related consequences gives me heartburn at night, and we've made extra efforts to be water conscious around Redden manor. Short showers. Saving grey water. Letting the lawn die.What I won't give up? Flowers, tomatoes, and trees....more

Christmas Confessions: I am an Axe Murderer

I have a confession. I am an accessory to a brutal axe murder.  On more than one occasion.  And I've involved my whole family - including the children and the dog - in my transgressions.  That's right.  Just yesterday, the family and I went out into a wooded area with a large saw and a tarp.  And we butchered an innocent living being that had never done us any harm. My family’s Christmas traditions have usually included a healthy dose of plastic.  Up until my husband entered the picture, I’d never had a real tree.  And truly – I was OK with that.  In addition to the fact that I’m allergic to just about every tree on the planet, I have a healthy respect for nature and felt like killing a real tree to watch it slowly die was against my nature. ...more

Thanks to Bishop Thomas’ Powerful Sermon on Sunday, God Led Me into a New Season of Fresh Anointing!

After thinking about how the devil worked my nerves the other day, I woke not feeling well, but excited because I was looking forward to going to church the following Sunday. Then after receiving some disappointing news, my whole attitude changed. I became weary and started complaining to God, again....more

Quiet time

y girls gently woke me this morning: one with her pants, and the other with her paws. I respect leaky plumbing…lol As Jim is the one they normally would go to, I figured it was my turn to get them out.It is a breezy late evening, with a wind blowing through the trees. I have a beautifulJapanese Maple in the front of the house, and even in the darkness, the color of theleaves are brilliant.I think it is one of the reasons my father liked this house. ...more

Conversations With Trees 1

(Top Photo Credit:  Natural

Well, this makes a lot of sense...

A few weeks ago, as I was walking to work, I noticed a bunch of signs like this one posted on trees....more

My Natural Tree Nursery-or Accidental Sustainability?

It would appear that I've inadvertently started my own tree nursery. It's probably with the help of my efficient and highly paid staff, squirrels....more

Communing with Trees

I grew up traipsing through the woods. We called them "woods," my friends and I, but really, they were just a dense strip of trees big enough to hide in when the leaves were full in the summer, and small enough to see to the other side in the winter. I loved those woods with its Maples, Birches and Oaks. The snap of twigs underfoot, the smell of damp dirt and sour, leaf decay, the belly scratches from tree climbing and then watching those same trees turn yellow or orange or red in the Fall - those were some of my happiest  moments as a child....more
We have a small patch of woods behind our house; you have to cross our  neighbor's driveway and ...more

Encouraging Conservation: 13 Uses for the Trees On Your Property

Our property is defined by the big, towering pines that surround it.  We have a 1/2 acre of land that’s fairly open, ringed by these beautiful pines, and a few oaks and smaller red maples....more