A Surprising and Tree-mendous Decision

One of my dear friends and I have a tradition of coming up with a word for the new year. It's kind of like a guiding principle that over-arches what we'd like to accomplish in the coming months. We share it with each other and then spend the rest of the year using it to remind and encourage each other through whatever life decides to toss our way. It's a comforting ritual and a useful one, too. Two years ago, hers was "Health", mine was "Embrace the Hotness". Last year hers was "Action", mine was "Clarity"....more

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, a great fall read

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is a book about a fretful little fox who becomes worried about his favorite tree when it starts looking “dull, dry and brown.” He wants to know what he can do to help.&nbs...more

A Different Kind of Tree Hugger

A Different Kind of Tree Hugger   ...more

Birthday Tree.

My girl is double digits.  Ten years ago, on April Fool's Day, I went into labor while Peter, Tyler, and I were browsing in a now defunct pet store. Actually, my water broke in the pet store. I know that was more information than you care to know about me, but it explains a lot. ...more

For the Trees

State of the Katie Address

I am warning you ahead of time: this is going to be really, really long... and pretty text-heavy.  ...more

Couple of Things

Wordless Wednesday


The Wood

In my backyard is a very small copse of woods. Many different types of trees grow there; oaks, maples, elders, willow, cherry, spruce, basswood and more. On each end, north and south are small orchards. A pathway encircles it that is wide enough in some parts for a small tractor to use and then that trickles down to a path just wide enough for a slender person and their large dog friend. ...more

Getting rid of a pest-infested old friend

No no, not you guys. Never. But the Green Ash tree that has graced our back yard for 7 years was felled [1] today.   Going...more