A Different Kind of Tree Hugger

A Different Kind of Tree Hugger   ...more

Birthday Tree.

My girl is double digits.  Ten years ago, on April Fool's Day, I went into labor while Peter, Tyler, and I were browsing in a now defunct pet store. Actually, my water broke in the pet store. I know that was more information than you care to know about me, but it explains a lot. ...more

For the Trees

State of the Katie Address

I am warning you ahead of time: this is going to be really, really long... and pretty text-heavy.  ...more

Couple of Things

Wordless Wednesday


The Wood

In my backyard is a very small copse of woods. Many different types of trees grow there; oaks, maples, elders, willow, cherry, spruce, basswood and more. On each end, north and south are small orchards. A pathway encircles it that is wide enough in some parts for a small tractor to use and then that trickles down to a path just wide enough for a slender person and their large dog friend. ...more

Getting rid of a pest-infested old friend

No no, not you guys. Never. But the Green Ash tree that has graced our back yard for 7 years was felled [1] today.   Going...more

The Cycle Of life