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Five Magnificent Flower Wedding Trends for 2015

It’s officially 2015! You’re wedding isn’t that far away—it’ll be here before you know it!—and you really need to decide what you’re going to do about flowers. There’s so many ways to decorate weddings with flowers and the array of colors are never in short supply. Maybe it would help you make a decision if you explored a few flower wedding trends for 2015....more

10 Trends From 2014 I Didn't Jump On

Most of 2014's trends were fitness trends, which means this post was originally titled 150 Trends from 2014 I Didn't Jump On. Instead, I capped it at 10, because the internet likes that. And in the interest of a fair and balanced review, I kept my exercise hating tendency in check. So, here are the Trends from 2014 that left me, meh....more

Fashion...The outermost extension of You.

Andy Warhol once said “art is anything you can get away with” and I find that to be especially true with fashion.  Fashion is a living form of art that one can embody. Fashion is the perfect way to present yourself to the world. It is an expression of feeling and self. Fashion is not about wearing what is “popular” or what cost the most. Fashion is an outer form of inner style. ...more

They Will Always Be Mom Jeans To Me

I have a hard time not laughing out loud when a teenage girl walks by me in high waisted, acid washed cut-off's. "Mom jeans," I chuckle to myself. But somehow I think the joke is on me. When that same teenager walks past me, and I'm wearing mid-rise skinny jeans, is she thinking "Mom jeans"? It's time to face reality. I've been lapped. ...more

Spring Fashion & Beauty // Pretty Pastels

We've officially entered the season of pastels. This trend has made it's way into the makeup, nails, clothing, shoes and jewelry lines of spring. There is something about these beautiful shades that feels uber feminine and lady like and the beautiful thing is that this trend looks lovely on all skin tones. Without further ado, here are a few of the lovely muted toned items that have caught my eye. ...more

Spring/Summer Hair Trends 2014

Fashion week gave us an inside scoop, with their spring collections, on what the trendy hairstyles will be for the warm weather seasons. These hair trends are great to take your flat and boring hair to a new level. Texture in the spring and summer is and will always be trendy, because of the beachy look it gives. Another  great tip to give your flat hair a different edge is by parting it differently. Popular parts this spring are the middle and deep side part.  Twisted Up-Dos...more
I am a hair person. My hair is thick and wavy, I always wanted it to be straight. I change it ...more

Young Women Find Their Voice – By Frying It

Here is a topic that is really interesteeaang. If speech intonation could reverberate in written media that last part would have sounded like a buzzing engine of some sort. Or like a croaking frog. Or like a hidden speech strategy that allows me to gloat standoffishly while you hopefully wait with exuberant anticipation for what I will say next. By letting my sentence fizzle out with a raspy hum I might signal that I’m a true authority on the subject matter....more

Transition Into Spring: Piece #4

Find out why YOU need a maxi skirt in your closet this Spring. Check out this Transition Piece and others on

The One Piece

Its been around for ages but until now, I have associated this style with toddlers and floaties, or women over the age of 50. These examples shed a whole new light on all of that though, ya dig? Out of seriously overnight, these little get-ups have become filled with some extra sexual-ness y'all! I think it's the whole "leaving something to the imagination" bit....(read the full article at )...more