Four Health and Beauty Trends That Don’t Work… and One That Actually Does

Do you remember that scene in Steel Magnolias where the gorgeous Julia Roberts is wearing a hair mask made up of mayonnaise? ...more


Oooh lala!  My favorite season of the year has arrived.  Here are all the spring trends that are a comin’ …...more

Tuesday Blues I Think Not!

Happy Tuesday FABulites! Hope everyone is off to a fantastic start to this day we have ahead of us! I woke up feeling totally inspired today. Inspired by the women who are Go Getters, Inspired by the Moms who handle everything from the kids to the Hubby, to the Home like a Boss, and inspired by those who give selfishly of themselves and expect nothing in return!...more

Rose Quartz Is The Color Of The Year

Rose Quartz is one of the colors of this year as announced by Pantone, as well as Serenity, which are not other tones than baby pink and pale blue. Fashion Week also revealed it when famous designers included these elegant and chic tones in their collections. Today I am going to concentrate in only rose quartz giving you some inspiration and great outfit ideas for this 2016. You can embrace the trend very easily, since this is a very simple color that looks at its best when paired with neutral colors like beige, tan, white, gray, brown and black....more

The Hottest Makeup Trends Of 2016

These 2016 Makeup Trends are definitely intriguing and eye-catching. They were spotted at the most recent runways and they promise to stay for a while. I decided to compile the top five 2016 makeup trends in this post by spotlighting some of the most famous Instagram Makeup Artists featuring these trends. If you want to achieve such trends you must follow them on their IG accounts so you could keep up with their tutorials and tips.  ...more

BadAss Boots N Booties!

TGIF Luvs! Wanna Rock the Hottest Fall Boots but don't have time to search the world wide web for the perfect ones?  The Frugal Flirty N Fab has definitely got you covered! Today I'm sharing my picks for the top, budget friendly kicks you'll want to be Rocking this Fall from the board room to the dance floor and all things in between!...more

Fall's Must have Bottoms!

I'm not sure about you  FABulites, but the only thing I like better than a good dress moment is a good Skirt moment. In honor of all the fabtabulous bottoms gracing us with  their presence today I give you my Must Have Fall Bottoms!...more

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The Truth About Waist Training

In addition to the sudden celebrity fascination with overly lined lips and bold brows, waist-training has become the latest body-modification fad. ...more
I had been wondering about these. Thanks for trying it out and posting! theritzyglitzy.commore

Capsule Dressing: Friend or Foe?

Michael Korrs does it. Obama does it. As a new mother I did it to. Capsule dressing. Donning a predictable uniform day in and out is popularizing itself yet again. The general principle of this capsule wardrobe approach is to wear either the same color(s) or cuts of garments day in and out to eliminate making choices on “fussy” things so that one’s mind is still sharp when it comes time to make decisions for life and work. It is routine to the extreme....more