Difficulties Make Us Stronger People

My mother always told me that our trials made us better people. She insinuated that I was growing from each experience I had. She would tell me that God must really love me to give me trials to bear. I remember telling her, “Mom, I wish He didn’t love me so much.” She would laugh and then hold me tight, comforting me the best she knew how....more

Faith, Trials & The Biggest Loser

great post. i'm now 4 pounds below the highest i have ever weighed (the day I delivered my 2nd ...more

Adventures In "Amish 'Friendship' Bread"

It all started one day at work when my Office Administrator asked me if I would like to have some Friendship Bread starter to take home to bake a cinnamon loaf. Ah, yes, I thought. Friendship Bread…a name out of the past. ...more
This was so fun to read.  I have never heard of friendship bread.  What a great way to share and ...more