70.3 Training: Getting My Booty In Gear

There's something about trying to do too much that creates nothing but chaos and leads to getting absolutely nothing done.For months I said: I’m going to train…tomorrow.I’ve been tired since the Poconos – both mentally and physically.But it wasn’t until Thursday when I mentioned a new race to my most favorite triathlete that I realized: I need an assistant to just track race calendars....more
First, I love baseball!   Maybe it's luck, but I have some of the best motivators out there in ...more

Start Your Week Off Right

Today's Workout:Swim - WU200m Continuous (last 50/100 kick), M9x100m EBEH (Easy, Build, Easy, Hard)Bike - 1 Hour on the trainer, with some hills-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...more

Consistency. It's What's For Dinner.

And breakfast, lunch and snacks.  That is, it needs to be.  I have a bad habit that I'm going to admit here for all of you: I am an inconsistent athlete....more

It's just so tough to keep keepin' on, isn't it? Glad I'm not the only ...more

I Run Like a Girl.

And I don't mean: I run like a kick-butt Ironman winner. ...more

Downhill Skiing: Would You Like Fries (or Pizza) with That?

Last week my husband and I went on a ski trip with some friends. Back (in the day) when I was learning to ski, we were taught "snowplow" and "parallel." Nowadays, the term "snowplow" has been replaced with "pizza" and "parallel" has been replaced with "french fries." ...more

Thank you Victoria! It is about the french fries...they're so tricky!

Linda: Thanks! Hey, ...more

I'm trying to love spin class...really.

Send the Men in the White Coats.  And tell them to bring their pint-sized butterfly nets....more

That seems to be the consensus: love or hate! (or love/never want to try it!) I feel like it ...more

Bicycles, Balance and Bees (Oh my!)--The DRAMATIC conclusion

Last year I had an *exciting* bike ride with a friend of mine.  I wrote about the first part, now here is the conclusion.As you have all deduced by now, the sound was emanating from this:...more

Bicycles, Balance and Bees (Oh my!)

Last spring, sometime after the wetsuit swim, but before the Danskin race, Patty and I decided to go on a nice 20 mile bike ride on a Saturday so we would be sure that our legs could handle the 11.5 miles we would do on race day....more

Pilates. Oy.

In my recent quest for fitness, I have tried several different sports and training styles.  My latest 'new' class was pilates....more

Drinking While Half-ing

This is the second part of a post I started earlier this week, detailing the 'highlights' of my first half-marathon last summer.  It goes a little something like this:...more