5 creative ways to honor the deceased

I have no idea what’s happening this year with March Madness. And it’s all Hubby’s fault. He used to set up a Johnson family March Madness pool each year. The winner received acknowledgement and a coveted small trophy at the family reunion.This recent post to Facebook from Brother-In-Law #2: “I have to say ‘March Madness’ is not the same without Gary. We miss you lots.” ...more

That Voice That Heart: On Dr. Wayne Dyer

 I "met" Wayne for the first time while channel surfing on a Sunday afternoon. It was pledge week on PBS, and his special Excuses Begone had just begun. I figured I would give it ten-twenty minutes and move on if it did not hold me. It held me. Really tight. I re-watched it and any other of his available programs both on TV and YouTube. Years back there was a film entitled Those Lips Those Eyes; with Wayne it is That Voice That Heart. Funny I just realized he and I are on a first name basis in this post....more

The Phenomenal Maya Angelou

  Maya Angelou, Wikimedia Commons ...more

60 Years and 60 Hairdos: A Tribute to My Mom

In 1954, Mom made her way into the worldMaking a family of four, five by adding a little girl.A curl here, a bang there, many hairdos she has had,Over the years some whoppers – whew!For some - maybe she should have tried a scarf instead?...more

Countdown to FACC Gala Night starts now

The Fil-American Community of the Carolinas (FACC) promises a bigger, better Gala Night next month and advised those wishing to attend to buy tickets now while supply lasts.“Let this gala night on Oct. 25 be a uniting factor among us here at the Carolinas,” FACC president Malette Aquino-Oliveros told me. ...more

Focus on my father...

My husband made it a practice of naming his children only after he saw them face to face, and so we had no list of potential girl or boy names stockpiled. When you have four children weighing in on the decision as well, it isn't a quick one, and, therefore, when I left the hospital with my newborn son, his birth certificate simply read "No Name Dagen." All I knew was that I wanted to honor my father, John Edward Souders, by using some part of his name; I thought we could also honor my father-in-love Thomas Thrower Mayo by using part of his name....more

Happy Veterans' Day!

I’m a Daddy’s Girl (and proud of it!). ...more

[VIDEO] Lady Gaga's Moving Tribute to Teen Suicide Victim Jamey Rodemeyer

[Editor's Note: YouTube was forced to remove the original video due to a claim from clear channel media...which really gets my goat because this is a message that is more important than royalties CLEAR CHANNEL - get a clue. I've replaced it with a rogue video, and will continue to find new videos should this one be removed.]...more
Yeah, I think Lady Gaga is awesome. You know she is a real musician. People who compare her to ...more

In Memory of Kim Ricketts

Last week, the food and writing world lost Kim Ricketts, who was, by all accounts, one of those people. She left far too soon -- she was only 53 -- and there were clearly courses yet to be served. From what her friends have written in her memory, she would have probably wanted to have a hand in making those courses, all the while, leading a lively conversation. ...more

Jennifer, those sorts of people are true treasures...it's such a loss when they go, and even ...more