12 Ways Halloween Has Changed Since We Were Kids

I have totally missed the Halloween boat, and my kids are going to be pissed. They know I missed the boat, because yesterday when they brought the mail up to the house, their little faces were scrunched up as they held back the tears. “What's wrong?" I asked, "Was there a dead animal in the mail box?” “No, mommy. You are late for Halloween! The Chasing Fireflies CHRISTMAS catalog is here and we still. don’t. have. costumes!” ...more
Hilarious! You mean people used to plan without Pinterest?more

Cowboy Clay...for a little bit

Cowboy Clay didn't want to wear his cowboy hat...or his cowboy boots...or carry his six-shooter, but he was still stinkin' cute when we took him out trick-or-treating tonight. ...more


Last year's Halloween was our first in this house and you know, we had absolutely no idea what to expect. First off, we were both relative newbies to Halloween treat-giving, since both of our previous homes had been located in places that didn't attract trick-or-treaters (we had none at our condo, and one - TOTAL - showed up at our door in all of the four years we lived in the townhouse!). As well, it was a rather difficult and melancholy time for us around Halloween last year. ...more

Happy Halloween 2013!

I’m taking a break from Honeymoon recounts to wish you all the spookiest possible All Hallows Eve. Plus, on Day Three of the Honeymoon we mostly traveled by plane and train to Edinburgh, arriving too late to do any real touristy things. Although I did take a picture of an advertisement for electronic cigarettes using a meerkat that needed to be documented: ...more

Taking the Boo! out of Halloween

Super heroes, monsters, and princesses…oh my! Halloween is fast approaching and is often a favorite holiday for kids. You dress up and get lots of candy for free; what’s not to like! However, Halloween can present some safety concerns for parents. Make your Halloween safe and happy by following these safety tips.Chemical Safety. There are a few chemical safety issues to be aware of during the spooky season, such as...more

Night of the Living Oblivious

Talk about going through the motions. Grown-ups never cease to amaze me, and not always in a good way. Last night we trick-or-treated with our kids for two hours in a Kid-friendly neighborhood where houses were decorated, pumpkins lined sidewalks, and some houses even had creepy music piped out into the street. It was everything a kid could want for Halloween....more
I LOVE those kind of costumes!  And Ben looks awesome!  I would've given him extra candy...just ...more

10 Things to Do with Unholy Amounts of Candy

In just a few hours, our house is going to be filled to overflowing with Halloween candy.  With five kids, each acquiring about 25 lbs of candy each, I could swim in a pool of mass-produced sugary goodness.  But it seems to me, there are better things to do with excessive amounts of candy.   Here are 10:...more

Fall Festival Fun

I love fall. There’s just something about the weather getting cooler, the leaves changing, and the approach of Thanksgiving that will lift a weight off one’s shoulders from a too busy schedule, and it reminds us to slow down. It reminds us to remember the moments that pass us, take mental pictures of events that fly by too fast, and to sit back and enjoy this life that we have, despite obstacles it may contain....more

Ghoulish Goodies in Vermont

It is time to scare up some fun for the kiddies.  Halloween time is upon us. Get those costumes ready for some back-to-back usage.  This year there are more parades, costume parties, contests, and haunted happenings than ever before....more

Trick-or-Treat Lasts For Weeks Around Here

I put the kibosh on the unlimited Halloween candy fest the day after beggar’s night. The boys gorged for one glorious day.“Gorge!! Are you serious??” my 13-year old protests as he reads over my shoulder. “I had one Butterfinger on beggar’s night! The next morning, as soon as we woke up, you told us we could only have two pieces.”...more

I put it all in one bag and keep it in my closet. I give them three pices at three different ...more