I Really Hate Halloween

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I hate Halloween. I think it's gross, weird and needlessly scary. And seeing gravestones in my neighbors' yards always upsets me. But maybe I'm just missing the boat here, so could you please explain to me why I should change my mind and get into the fun?Signed,Halloween Hater...more
Now that my only child has turned 18, he doesn't want to celebrate ANY holidays, let alone ...more

Don't Give my Child A Tooth Brush

It's 5:30 PM, the taffeta dress is slipped over her up-do. She is wearing just a hint of blush. Her eyes sparkle with excitement. She slips on her shoes and a light sweater and grabs her over-sized bag.It's 5:30 PM, the black one piece warrior uniform has been put on. Mask lowered over his stern face. He is alert. Ready for action. Ready to conquer....more
thanks for all your comments. This article was a lighthearted hypothetical spin (or intended to ...more

Poop and Goats

I’m in the mood for sharing some fun and favorite things about my little maniac as of late!   One morning while we were getting ready for work, our lovely cat puked on the bathroom floor.  We were rushing around, unable to attend to it right away.  Parker came toddling in, pointed straight at the cat puke in an accusatory manner, shouted, “Ook!”    “Yes, yucky!  Don’t touch!  Dobby threw up!”  We shouted.   Parker looked at us, “Poop sneeze!”   Yes.  Poop sneeze. &n...more

The More the Merrier

The more the merrier.  That's the mantra in our house.  The more the merrier....more