Stop Giving Gifts

Every year for my Mom’s birthday, I try my hardest to find her the “perfect present.” I’m sure you know the feeling: desperately racking your brain for ideas, window shopping for inspiration, and often purchasing last minute.  This is mainly because, while it’s something she’ll like enough, nothing truly feels worthy enough. We feel that way because the special people in our lives don’t deserve physical “gifts” – they deserve our precious time....more

Wedding Extravaganza Event – 5 Winners! One is Trip to Jamaica!

Welcome to the Spring 2014 Wedding Extravaganza!...more

Seeing my Granddaughter Dance

 She flew accross the stage all aglow with the dance. Her Russian dance teacher told her "I saw dance tonight." My 16 year old granddaughter is in love with the dance and her joy shows through while she performs. She did a classical ballet on point and a pop and modern number.    We went this last weekend to see her dance and to hang out with our grandson and hear him tell his wonderful imaginary stories he has created in his mind. And to be with my son and daughter in law. It was a great weekend. I am truly blessed by family....more

My European Adventure!

So my boyfriend lives in Germany. He's almost 6,000 miles away. I last saw him in February, and when he left, I thought it would be almost six months until I saw him again when he was supposed to come home.  Six months! I knew it was going to be so hard to be away from him for that long, but I also knew our relationship was strong enough to survive it.  Of course I had thought about going to visit him, but a plane ticket across the world is pretty damn expensive!...more

A Letter From Lil Miss!

Well, yesterday I received a letter from Lil Miss, during her Language lesson, as a small bit of bonus work. Now, I did not even know that she was doing so, but we have been trying to work on her handwriting. Also, she has been working on comma's and punctuation in her Language "class". This is the rottenest lil monster and the sweetest lil angel, all wrapped into one, and I love her with all of my heart....more

Mother's Day In Memphis

Actually, it was the Saturday before Mother's Day. We set out on a 3 hour road trip to Memphis Zoo. Maddi was supposed to go on the trip with her AWANA group but since things didn't quite work out that way (thats a whole 'nother blog post), we loaded up and took a family day trip. Maddi and Seth had three things at the top of their list-seeing the panda bears, feeding the giraffes and touching the stingrays. I think we could have skipped every other exhibit but these three and they would have been ok with it....more

Paris je t'aime. Sentimental journey Part 1

You Want to Go Where?

G. and I have begun a tradition whereupon when one of the girls graduates (high school, college) they can choose the graduation trip of their choice....more
LOL! Exactly! Stop wanking! You will have an excellent trip! On the brightside, there is still ...more

Top 10 Girls Getaway Destinations from LLYOV

Ladies,We ALL need to get away once in a while. Often we find these opportunities when our bestie is about to tie the knot, a celebratory break-up occurs, we finally get that raise we worked so hard for, or the girls night just isn’t doing it for ya! These occasions call for celebration! And our gal pals are always the first to jump at the chance of celebrating with us…that’s why we llyov them so. We have narrowed down 10 of our fav destinations for your best girls getaway. Leave a comment and tell us where you would go! Bon Voyage Sisters!LLYOV,Kayla...more