Troian Bellisario's "Exiles": When Love Just Isn't Enough

We’re all familiar with Shakespeare’s iconic star-crossed romance, “Romeo and Juliet”. I read the epic tragedy in high school and empathized with the couple’s desperation and blind infatuation, masquerading as love. It couldn’t have ended any other way – the reckless abandon in which these two teens threw themselves into their relationship, despite their families, despite everything, spelled disaster from the word “go”. But you’re left hoping maybe they could work it out. Maybe it didn’t have to end with death and suicide....more

Review: "I Did Right" – WIGS’ "Lauren" Series Packs Power & Punch

The future of TV is changing – no longer do we wait nightly for our shows to come on. With time-shifting, PVR-ing, and the Internet, we’re able to catch shows anytime we want to. And YouTube channel and producer WIGS has jumped on that bandwagon. Their series are completely online, accessible at any time. And that’s good for me, as a busy freelancer, writer, nanny and full-time social media specialist – I don’t always have time to watch shows when they air....more

Indie Film "Consent" Finds Its Way Through The Wreckage [Review]

I know – I don’t usually do movie reviews, but this movie pretty much demanded it. I don’t think I’ve seen another movie that affected me in quite the way Consent did. There are potential spoilers in this review, so read with caution. [Editor's Note: Trigger alert.]...more
@yesnofilms Currently it seems to be just digital. But the cast and crew have said they'll be on ...more