Turning on a Light for Dan Bronold

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Parents, Celebrate the New Year with Revenge

WARNING:  If you are mature, please don't read this.  If you're like the rest of us ... read on. Has your teenager been a pain in the butt in 2012?  Are they now sleeping it off after New Year's celebrating into the wee hours?  Are you exhausted from being up all night worrying about them, driving them around, hunting them down, holding their head while they're sick?If so, you're not alone.  This morning is a great opportunity for some childish yet satisfying revenge.  Here are just a few ideas:...more


   So, you find yourself with a troubled teen. What can you do? First, you must not feel guilty, because you are not the only influence in your teen's life. Oh, if only it were that simple.* IS THIS A TROUBLED TEEN OR NORMAL ADOLESCENT BEHAVIOR? SIGNS OF A TROUBLED TEEN:...more

How to Handle Violent Children

Do you have a violent toddler, child, teen?  What's violent compared to one with a temper?  Violence usually includes harming others, people or animals.  It can have a sadistic element and can be quite disturbing.Of course you know I'm going to tell you to stay calm.  It's all about energy levels.  If you match your violent child's level of energy it's only going to make matters worse.  Put on your acting cap and stay as calm and controlled as possible....more

Dawn Schiller: “Through and Beyond Wonderland," E.S.T.E.A.M.

There is pleasure getting to know Dawn Schiller before and after her book, “The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes” was written and released.  What many don’t know is that this book, with all the details of a horrifically violent relationship, was over 6 years in the making.  Why did it take so long, you may ask?  Think about writing details of your own wo...more

How horrific, her story and I cannot wait to pic up the book soon. You are right on when you say ...more

Confessions of a woman in mid-life crisis

I have never blogged before, but I just went to "Julie and Julia" (the movie) and was inspired to blog because of it.  People have often told me I should write a book.  I always answer them with, "I will when the story is over."  However, it has become obvious that the only time the story will be over is when I'm dead, and maybe not even then if children truly are your legacy.  I am 48 (almost 49) and have been in what I would describe as a mid-life crisis for four years.  In that time I left my husband of 22 years, was briefly single but then fell in love agai ...more

Introduction To Moms Dads Teens and Tweens

Hi, I am new to the blogher community. I have a blog, the http://www.troubledteenblog.com. Browse around and let me know what you think, it is relatively new. Supporting families with troubled teens today. I am hoping to go to the conference in San Francisco, but right now I am on the waiting list. :o( If anyone has any ideas on how I can register let me know. Looking forward to the community. TroubledTeenBlogger  ...more