Tailgate Wisdom: A Relationship Is Like A Truck

You have a truck. You put fuel twice a week. The spark plugs ignite the fuel and cause combustion. This causes it to go. The oil lubricates all the engine components and makes things run smoothly. This takes maintenance. This takes thought. This takes work. You forget to maintain any one of these and your truck breaks down. The same thing goes for your relationship. ...more
Wonderfully told.  That male speak is tricky!more

Segment 12: The Man in the Truck

Blog DirectorySegment 12: The Man in the Truck Stepped into a crowded bar drinking a ‘Roman holiday’ (sweet vermouth, maraschino cherries, soda water, rum, bitters, paper umbrella to top it off), and I bumped through a bunch of girls till I made my way through the front to hear the music without earplugs....more

The Man In the Truck (Short Story)

Blog Directory I was pouring the hot water for the macaroni in the dish sitting in front of Vicky, the little girl, along with her brother, that I was babysitting, when I saw a light flash on across the street in that guy's frontyard. The hot water steamed full until it was almost pouring over when Vicky yelled at me that I wasn't watching. I pulled back up the tea percolator and found her blue cocktail napkins to wipe off the table next to her dish and said I'd only poured a few drops....more

Would you steal away in a truck if....

Lately since the weather's changed, even before that when the snow was piling up on the ground, I'd get to work, well start driving, see the interstate and wanted to get ahold of the wheel, make my move and I wanted more. I wanted to be ANYWHERE but here. The other day I saw exactly this pick-up (inset, or down below) and I wanted to take off and really what would it take? Watching Thelma and Louise helped but it also didn't because I looked all around my closet for the cowboy boots I couldn't find to mix with desert, dust, and daring....more

Fancy a Jaunt to Canada Dahlink?

This is a post that I wrote for a friend's blog whilst he was on holiday. I thought you might like it. He is Canadian and he is called Brahm. Enjoy!...more

Downsizing the Family Auto

In 2002, we traded my husband's Ford Escort for a Ford Explorer. Then we had a Ford Explorer and a Geo Prizm. In 2006, the 1994 Geo Prizm got t-boned on a busy street, and we "replaced" the 100,000-mile Ford Explorer with a 2005 Ford Explorer. The 1998 Ford Explorer is still kicking at 140,000 miles three years later. Oops. ...more

The Farmer and I were just discussing the fact that when we were kids NO ONE had a second ...more