Big Truck Day (aka the BEST Day of Jack’s Life)

For those of you with toddlers/who had toddlers at some point/or who know toddlers, you know that trucks are kind of a big deal.Jack is OBSESSED with trucks and no car ride is complete without him pointing out trucks, tow trucks, big trucks or tractors. Every. Single. Car ride.So when my friend suggested we join her and her kids for the Baltimore City Big Truck Day this past weekend, I knew that Jack would never forgive me if I passed this up....more
Denise Thanks Denise! =)more

oh the places we'll go, the people we'll see

Yesterday, as I do about three days out of the week: I had to take Denise to work. This was not a big deal, except it involved me getting up at 5:30 so she could get to work by 6:00. ...more