Communication - Gotta Love It!

I always like to ask people, what made you pick up the phone and call me? Not surprisingly, Communication is the #1 reason people give me. Be it trouble communicating with a spouse, parent, child, or even sibling, not feeling understood by a loved one is incredibly painful and frustrating....more

My Funny Valentine's Day Story.

This may be the funniest story I can remember from my youth.Reader discretion advised though, you may shed a tear.In my entire life I have never had a Valentine/boyfriend/kiss/etc…  Not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing but hey I have the rest of my life ahead of me.In seventh grade I really wanted that to change (Hash tag middle school sucks.), so I devised a plan....more

Day 14- Feeding in the Shallow End

Can't Win'em AllStealing is wrong.I have been loathed to admit it to many. I have every intention of paying back the people who have been of assistance to me over the past year of hardships....more

Princess Diaries

<!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> PRINCESS DIARIES Ever thought why we as females want our Prince Charming to ride in on a white horse and save the day? This concept has been in stories from all over the world, in most cultures, down thru antiquity. I think this concept is rooted in the fact that some day He will ride in the clouds on a white horse, His name is called Faithful and True, (Rev 19)...more

Shame is my middle name

  .35 or why won't my friends lie to me?  Damnit, I am an alcoholic and I hate it.  I have 32 days sober today and I wish I could have a glass of wine.  Make that a bottle  My blog will delineate the ways in which this extremely unique and educated individual comes to terms with her disease NOT ...more

the life of a politically incorrect, unconventional, menopausal loner

Today is Monday, my one and only day off.  I hate my job.  The weather here in central IL sucks.  Today I am starting this blog to tell my long, complicated life story.  The story that all of my friends and acquaintances have been urging me to tell.  With every new twist and turn, drama or trauma they say..."You have to write a book!" ...more

Jealous? Me?!

So I am slowing disappearing down the toilet.  Being commission based and with the credit crunch/recession my salary has reduced and reduced until I am at serious bare minimums.  I shouldn't complain, I had a good couple of years but in that time did I save?  No!  Did I hell!  I lived it up, I went out, had nice holidays.  And now I am not.  But, I have mastered the art of frugal living, just about.  I make my lunches, walk into work and have the girls over for dinner as often as I can.  Its not too bad really, its getting into a routine and I have been quite proud of myself unti ...more