Do Soul-mates exist?

As  a married woman who will be celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary next year, I often wonder if soul-mates truly exist. Don't get me wrong I do love and care for my husband. ...more

Does true love exist ?

Some of you may wonder does true love actually exist? Now I know most girls hope to find their true love one day, so I'm going to tell you my story. true love is the closest thing we get to magic. true love can make you so crazy things, but can also be so much more than what you think it is. what would we be if we didn't believe in true love? ...more

True Love: A Shart Story

Sometimes as writers, we find inspiration from the posts of our blogger friends.  Sometimes, they are profound and sometimes they are about, well, poop.  I have no idea exactly who started this topic trend, but here is my story.   ...more