Why I Suck at Trusting God

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will straight your paths.” –Proverbs 3:5-6When I was initiated into my sorority, my Big gave me this cute little poster with this bible verse on it. I have it pinned to my cork-board in my room, in the hopes that reading it over and over again will give me the ability to actually do such a task.If you’re like me, and something bad has happened to you, it’s hard to fully trust God with your life....more

Don't Be A Backseat Grandparent

We have become grandparents through our children and to be trusted Grandparents our children need to trust we support them as parents.To read more click here ...more

I'm sweet, sweet-ish, kinda

Life Motto by allshewrotenotesWhere to begin?...more

10 Verses during Trusting times...

Are you there?  You know, when it's hard and you just have to make the decision to just "trust". By no means is it easy to squash the uneasiness and just make the choice to not be drivin by your  feelings..it's a decision. But one knowing that truly God has his best in mind and is..working it out for our good (Romans 8:28), can make that choice a little easier my friend....more

Embracing Uncertainty, or Trust, the Final Frontier

Trust, how hard is it? For me it’s been an elusive journey. Exposing myself to vulnerability; that the uncertainty which lies ahead will be what it will be. Que sera, sera. Just think, what a ride that could be....more

a journey to trust: work/life in the Midwest

As seen on Rebelle Society:  “Trust no one.” “Eyes behind the head.” “Listen to me: Get your head out of the clouds.” “Everyone is full of shit.”...more

No, No, You Can't Take That Away From Me

We were robbed.I mean that in the literal sense. Not in the idiomatic "We were robbed" after one's favorite team has lost (yes, FSU, I'm talking to you)....more

Into the Darkness, Retinal Surgery and God

Two months ago God provided me with some sudden "down time". I experienced an abrupt detachment of my retina, a rare thing to happen, yet I am used to rare occurrences. (Perhaps I will post that List some day.)  Through such events God has drawn me to Him in ever increasing closeness.  ...more

BPD and Trust

I know that help is out there if I ask for it. Many times it isn't obvious; sometimes you have to dig and dig, to get what you want.For me, having Bipolar and BPD, I don't trust very easily with outside support. I have been let down one too many times to believe that people/friends/family are available and support me. ...more