Who To Look at To Feel Good About Yourself

Are you in a good place in your life? Even if you are, you have moments when you believe you are not good enough. Don’t you? I have those moments as the vast majority of us do.How do you pick yourself up?Most people search for those less fortunate than they are to remind themselves that life is good, that they have many things to be grateful for, that they are still in a better place than many others. However, just because there are people lower than you are will not make you feel better for too long....more

Stop comparing yourself to other moms!

Stop comparing! It’s nasty business.It’s too easy to see another mom excelling in an aspect of parenting and then start to get anxious that we’re not doing it right or well enough. We notice and get concerned about this perceived “gap” and totally forget about our accomplishments....more

YOU are THE authority on your kids

Experts are great. It’s great for us to be able to look to those who have studied and have years of experience in lactation, pediatrics, baby delivery, stroller manufacturing, parenting toddlers… whatever we’re dealing with, in the moment. Information and opinions are readily available and easily accessible in various formats these days. It’s great to have reliable, validated, thoroughly-studied advice at our finger tips....more

Find Your Purpose

Finding your purpose is non-linear, difficult and rewarding. Proceed if you must - you have been forewarned. Patience - the capacity for calm endurance. Be patient while you- ...more