Testing is Not Trusting

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Monday Motivation - Trusting the Process of Beginning

Starting something new can be exciting and turn into frustration for many people. It’s exciting to start a new project, exercise plan, career, or anything special; however, frustration can develop in the early beginnings of starting something new. Frustration can develop due to high expectations of wanting success NOW instead of trusting the process to success. These are the results of a “microwave” society; we want instant success instead of slow-cooked, marinated, flavor-rich success....more

Innocent and Trusting

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Jn. 5:31-47, Mark 9-10 "Lie" is a word that use to mean love--Shakespeare used it, and it lives on in the word "believe". When we say we "believe in Jesus," we are saying we "love Jesus".And for me that is what it is all about--loving Jesus....more

Start Trusting Again

It happens to be our country's motto- but who else do we trust? Everywhere we look, we see evidence of mistrust; in our governments, our communities and our relationships. Trust is an intrinsic part of human nature, the basis of healthy psychological development that usually develops between an infant and its caregiver. Trust is essential to healthy, strong relationships. How do we get it back? ...more