Mommy Worry; trusting God with our children

Coren Larsen...more
This so touched my heart because I struggle with this daily. And each time anxiety creeps in I ...more

You're my Shepard

Whose Report Will You Believe?

When the spies came back from scouting the promised land, Caleb said, let’s take it! The people didn’t listen to him. They listened to the report that said it was too hard....more

Has God Hurt You?

Has God ever really disappointed you? Did you pray and trust Him to move in a situation and He didn’t? ...more

When It’s Hard To See The Promise

I heard an interesting story from a woman who works in prison ministry. ...more

Trusting God When You Are In The Desert: A Mother's Story

Good Morning everyone!  First, I hope that everyone out on the east coast is all hunkered down and safe from the storm; my prayers are with you all during this terrible storm.  Having just been in New York City last week, I cannot imagine a storm of this magnitude hitting the city and all of the preparations that have had to be made, including shutting down the subways.  STAY IN...and STAY SAFE! ...more

Discouragement Kills Dreams

What happened to your dreams? What happened to your hopes? Has something crept in to steal them away? ...more

The Courage Of Your Convictions

There’s a difference between believing in God and listening to Him. ...more

How Long Will You Believe?

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – White Queen, Alice in Wonderland....more

Practicing To Be Strong

Have you ever looked at strong Christians and admired their faith? I have. I thought that there was no way I could ever be like them. ...more