Always Truthful

We learned early on during our journey to parenthood through adoption that the truth always comes out.  As parents through adoption, we have learned that we can tell the truth to our girls about their stories, but it needs to be age appropriate allowing them the ability to digest what they are being told....more

Truths of the Heart

All my life, I've "felt" things. I've never spoken (or in this case, written) these words out loud except to two people, but on the day I got married, my intuition was screaming that I shouldn't go through with it. I got married at 2 PM on October 23, 1993, and I left the house at 10 AM to get pantyhose. I took one of the backroads to the store and on the way back, something inside said, "Keep going!" I heard that thing at least four times....more

What Truth Is The Holy Spirit Has For You?

I face so many decisions on a daily basis.  Sometimes I struggle to know which choices to make.  Some of these decisions don't really matter much when we look at the big picture, like what to fix for lunch or which way should I drive to church.  But some of the struggles I face have a much bigger impact on my life and the lives of my family members.  It is with these choices that I need help.  I need to know just the right truth for that particular time....more

The lifter of my head

All the World Is a Stage; the Good, Bad, and the Ugly

All the world is a stage, and with that comes the good, bad, and the ugly.We choose to wear masks every day.The Good...more

Silence Speaks The Truth

Silence Speaks The TruthTW: There are mentions of rape and child abuse in this post. People the world over are constantly talking, telling each other about their day, sharing secrets, confessing to their priests, piling lie upon lie, and bestowing terms of endearment upon their loved ones. Language, in various forms, has been around since man first walked the earth. Words are exchanged constantly, all over the world. Even longer than there has been language, there has been silence....more

God is in control

  Oh, my dear readers, I’ve had so many thoughts this week:Thoughts of what to address or not address.Thoughts of what to say or not say. ...more
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Truth or Lies

Do you think that sometimes the truth is more HARMFUL than a lie? Recently I caught someone in a lie. When I asked her about it her response was, "if I told the truth, it would hurt more." Hmmm sound familiar? So that got me thinking ...more

The Thief of Joy...In Our Passion

You have to know where I’m going with this just by the title…it’s a post on comparison and how it is the true thief of joy....more