What if we just got REAL?

"Does it ever get exhausting?" I asked one of my students who comes into class each day with so many walls around her, that I can never really know if she is hearing what myself and others are saying."Yes, it does," she replied.  She knew what I was talking about with that one simple question.And yet rather than shake it off or blow me off, she simply said, "I don't know anything else."...more

Being Honest With Your Children

Are you honest with your children? I've always made a concentrated effort to not lie (even about surprises and such) to my children. I may have had to say, "I can't answer that", or "I don't want to answer that", or even "Don't ask me that." But sometimes it's hard to be honest and truthful, isn't it? We want our children to be good - at everything!! So, we don't really want to tell them, but we really need to. ...more

Hey!  I thought I replied earlier, but I guess I just left a comment.  I only ...more