10 things not to do during the Two Week Wait

I’m still in the two week wait…Can you believe it? I appreciate that time doesn’t go any quicker during this hell hole of 14 days but for some reason, this month, it seems to going extra frigging slow!To pass the boredom – and to stop me looking at Facebook (school holidays mean my entire newsfeed is full of parents making wonderful memories with their children) I had a quick look on the WWW to see what advice others had for those struggling to get through these nightmare 336 hours....more

“I had intercourse! Great job! I did the most important thing I can to get pregnant!"

So it’s here again. The two week wait has begun.According to my Ovia app, over the last week:“I had intercourse! Great job! I did the most important thing I can to get pregnant!”I must admit, being congratulated for getting down and dirty with my husband is quite nice….like a trip advisor rating for baby making!The thing is……it’s not the most important thing is it? If it was, it would bloody work every time right?So what else do I need to do to get pregnant?...more

I can’t afford a baby? What about my Laura Mercier Foundation?

So as mentioned in my last post, I’m feeling much more relaxed at present about the whole TTC thing I’ve got going on. The problem with feeling “more relaxed” is that I start to question my decision process – AGAIN!I was driving into work this morning, on the lovely traffic less roads, listening to music that I’m sure would make a baby scream, thinking, Jesus I love my life!...more

Our 3rd IVF Cycle: Week 1 Update


15 Reasons I Am DONE Having Kids (And 10 Reasons I'm Not Sure)

 I dipped my spoon into the molten lava cake and ice cream I shouldn't be eating (and wouldn't be, if I fit into my favorite skinny jeans), and slowly raised my eyes up to his, only to see them trailing off somewhere in the half-empty chain restaurant. I know he's already mentally changed the subject, so I distract myself looking at the kind-of-cute waiter's tattoos and let it go (for now). ...more

No Baby = Failure?!?

There are times on this road of TTC (trying to conceive) where I have to catch myself from falling down the well of depression. I look at the last two years as a transformation of who I am and what our marriage is and there are times where I feel like I have failed. Why can't I get pregnant? Why did my other babies not survive? It should not be this difficult - the natural process of procreating. I even go further at times thinking - What black girl has trouble having a baby?  I am the only one in my family with this issue. Then HE reminds me of who he is in my life  - Yes God!...more

TTC and Marriage

Well, trying to conceive (TTC) and having a good marriage can be overwhelming. At my last procedure I got to thinking about the husbands. Many of our men are sufferring in silence moreso than us. We are the women and are expected to be emotional with friends or families that we can purge ourselves to and with. But our men are not so open nor do they have the space where they are given permission to express their feelings about TTC and what it really means for them as men....more

IVF What I Will Miss The Most

IVF again.. What I Will MissThe Most With my iVF round approaching fast it is time I give up all those things I love so much.  It is hard and I almost feel it is a little unfair.  Ok.. I sound like a whiney baby saying it that way!  But not knowing if this round will even work is always in the back of my head as I resist to take that Hot bath sipping on wine!  Ah......more

Round 1

I started this blog for my sanity and also the hope that my journey through this stressful and exciting time will help someone else going through this....more

IVF For Aging Moms-to-Be: Personalized IVF Predictions

Stacie Warcewicz, a part-time office manager in Salisbury, Mass., feels lucky that she’s a full-time mom. After seven years of fertility treatments, Stacie and her husband, a contractor, are happy that they have finally built a family....more