The Post I Didn't Want to Write

BlogHer has a list of writing prompts to help you get through NaBloPoMo. I pretty much had a plan for this month, but I figured I would peruse it anyway because it’s BlogHer and I’m sure their ideas are a lot more interesting than mine. There it was, a gem: What post would you like to write but haven’t? Two automatically popped into my head. My husband knows one of them, and has strictly forbidden me to ever write about it as long as he lives. The other is more personal to me, but maybe getting it off my chest might help -- or, at the very least, help someone else. ...more
You are so amazing and strong for even writing this. My heart totally goes out to you. I am ...more

What I Learned About Pregnancy (Without Being Pregnant): Part 1

 Don’t complain about how horrible/untimely/wasn’t meant to be, your pregnancy is or was.For many women, more than you might expect – they are trying to conceive and it may not be going well* and when you tell these women how unfortunate you are to be preggo, it hurts. It kills a little bit of their faith. Because the hope that they hold on to – more than the percentages of successful Clomid use, the temperature taking, and the planned sex – is that someone above has a plan and it will happen when it is supposed to happen....more

Adventures in Conception

I guess a glass of wine was just what I needed. A couples hours after arriving home from the company Christmas Party I awoke in pain I hadn't felt since high school.  Those horrendous cramps that had me doubled over for much of my teenage years were back and unrelenting.  Along with it came a flood.  The remainder of my week I locked myself in my office popping tylenol and thanking the lord for heating pads....more

Adventures in Conception

Dreaded TTW (Two Week Wait) All this pregancy lingo is new to me.  From what I've read, I'm currently in a phase know as the two week wait.  If you couldn't tell by my 3 year plan reference in my last post, I am a control/plan freek.  I'm also decisive.  I'm not one to take a long time to consider something or to take a long time to act once the decision has been made.  So the deicision has been made and the deed done, now where's my baby?  I'm working on the whole "enjoy the journey" part, but I must says I like results.  So far the result...more

The Crystal Ball Question...

One of my friends, Miss Dina B., posted the following question om Facebook: " If you had a "what-if" crystal ball, would you look into it, even though you couldn't change anything about life as you know it now?" Right away I knew my answer was NO!!...more