Sushi Tales From the Midwest

It's not as hard as it used to be finding sushi here in the midwest anymore. It can be hard finding good sushi. Fortunately I live in a community that contains an Air Force base and a university with programs such as bioengineering that draw a diverse and sophisticated population. It is no longer impossible to find good sushi....more


   RESILIENT….WHEN LIFE KNOCKS YOU DOWN………YOU GOTTA GET UP AND TRY…… There is a song out on the radio about “Get up and keep trying….” I simply love that song….for I think it simply embraces most people and their lives…..Most people if they live long enough get knocked down….and the longer we live it can happen more than once….That is life….If you are out there pursuing any kind of meaningful life you may meet up with things that can simply knock you down along the way…..both expected and unexpected…. I do think some things that knock people down could have...more

Stuck in a rut!

Sometimes life can get pretty repetitive with all of our routines and schedules, And if we don't try something new every now and then we can become burned out, Which can adversely effect the way we interact with those around us. It's very important to keep adding a new elements to our routines, To avoid bordem and keep burn out at bay. Mix it up completely every so often, So you never find yourself stuck in a rut!...more
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Hemp Seeds

What To Do With Hemp Seeds?Thinking of branching out and trying something new? Not sure where to start? Why not try hemp seeds? Hemp seeds are bursting  with magnesium, iron, potassium and fiber.  Hemp seeds are also delicious eaten raw, added to smoothies, ground into meal, sprouted, used in baking, made into hemp milk or even prepared as tea.If you are gluten free try using them in place of breadcrumbs to coat your chicken, tofu or fish.  They give your baked foods an extra crunch that rice or other gluten free flours are unable to do....more