Travel Tips: How To Pack and Fly Like a Pro

After I wrote about our travel snacks and how airline travel has changed, it made me think about how I prepare for my trips. I mostly fly for work trips. If my husband and I are traveling for pleasure, we drive unless we have the opportunity to turn a work trip into a vacation like we did in San Francisco. While I was sitting at dinner tonight, I thought about the tips I use to keep myself sane while traveling on airlines. ...more
Excellent advice. I'll add this: Check to make sure Homeland Security or some other agency ...more

11 tips for taking the stress out of airport security

 Airport Security...more

Don't Leave Home Without Your Hair

As I unpacked my suitcase upon arriving in sunny California, I realized that I had forgotten my security blanket.  No, not the tattered blankie of my toddler years decades ago, but my wig.  I was so surprised at myself because though I rarely wear a wig, I have never traveled without it.  The idea that I would get throug...more

Why the TSA frisked a 6yr old! Does TSA actually stand for: Totally Senseless Acts?

Today I booked a pair of plane tickets so that my husband and I can attend a family wedding. Pretty routine, right? That’s what I thought too, until I was struck with some unexpected nostalgia upon clicking “Purchase.” You see, it’s been about a year since I last flew. Remember last year at the airport? Ah, how I long for the days of low-tech, metal-detecting wands .  Today's plane passengers are subjected to "enhanced” pat downs and super fancy body scanners that generate semi-erotic images....more

Aches on a Plane

I have just returned from a trip across country that involved air travel.  I’m exhausted, I’m dehydrated (do they purposely suck all the moisture out of the air on the plane?), and I’m cranky.  No doubt my rants here are related to my current physiological and psychological state but, actually, these thoughts are not new.  Every time I fly I think the same things and I need to vent so that I can get on with my life.  You know, I’m OK with the security checks.  In fact, I was radiated yesterday in one of the full body scans.  Not something I would do for...more

TSA Practices Review Needed

24 hour news provided a ring side seat to the dispute over TSA. Children screamed as they were manhandled by TSA officers. Adults were infuriated or embarrassed as TSA handled their “junk”. Others resigned themselves to the “this is the price for airline security” approach. Midst the air travel dispute most airlines added a checked bag fee. As nothing is done in a vacuum, since the airlines have charged for checked bags there has been a 50% increase in the number of bags coming thru security lines....more

The day I was profiled as a "Terrorist" at the Airport!

I've always been proud to be a woman of color. The diversity that sets me apart and unique from a totally different culture in the US which I now call home. But what if being colored go against your favor? This is how I felt going through the airport right before Christmas....more

Whoa...slow down.

You yourself said you had no idea why you were asked to go there (holding ...more

TSA Providing Mammograms During Body Scans?

 TSA Providing Mammograms During Body Scans? Why Are Men Bothered by the TSA? Your Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

National Opt-Out Day: Bloggers Call for Pat Downs, FurryGirl Strips in Airport

In a similar vein to death by fire or death by ice, Thanksgiving travelers now have three different but equally terrible choices: (1) opt to go through the full-body scanner and receive a radiation blast to your skin, (2) opt for the pat down and have a stranger's hand gently palpitating your nether regions, or (3) participate in National Opt-Out Day and ensure that the already insanely long lines for security will be even longer so more people miss their flights and need to be rescheduled. ...more

i'm in complete agreement with you.more

New TSA Screening Nude-O-Scope and Pat Downs- Who really hates it?

Other than myself hating the new TSA scanning and pat downs, I didn't know who really hated the new screening process. The last two days, I set out to find out....more

Also, I learned that the screening procedures mean absolutely nothing for inbound flights from ...more