Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

Like many young women, I started menstruating at 13 years old. Although I was aware that my period would likely start soon, it was still slightly frightening to find brown spots in my panties as a 7th grader. I immediately told the nurse that I was feeling sick and went home - sounds drastic but I didn’t want to risk the trauma of actually “leaking” at school and being humiliated. Instead of calling my mother, I took matters into my own hands and went directly to her stash of tampons and without hesitation inserted one to handle the situation....more
This is a great post. I've had an experience that I'm beginning to think was TSS but I didn't ...more

Health Myths That Keep Us From Health: UTIs, Yeast Infections, STDs, TSS

Recently a friend told me her back was hurting and she couldn’t get comfortable.  Along with that, she said she just wasn’t feeling that well.  She told another friend who suggested that she see a chiropractor that happened to be very helpful to her when she hurt her back.   STOP!!  When asking her about her symptoms, I found that her back pain was in her flank area (mid or side back over the kidneys) and with a history of bladder infections, it sounded to me like it had evolved into a kidney infection.  I strongly recommended that she see her health care profe...more
Hi Elaine, Thank you for sharing your helpful health information. I am curious to know what you ...more