Infertility and TTC: It's Not Worth Losing Your Marriage

Infertility is hard. Really hard. If we let it, it can break our hearts.And our marriages....more

"There's Nothing Wrong with You," and Other Things Not to Say to Women Who Are Trying to Conceive

After my husband and I announced to the world that we are having a little girl, my fellow blogger and old childhood friend, A. Hab, sent me a lovely email containing many congratulations and words of reassurance that having a daughter wouldn't be as scary as we were anticipating. Her message asked about how I was feeling and if the family was excited over the news. Then she mentioned she had come across an article that focused on the worst things one could possibly say to someone TTC (Trying To Conceive). ...more
Thanks for posting this, at least I'm not the only one who doesn't like to hear these ...more

The Faces of Infertility: Yours and Mine

Think about all the places we go in a given day or week: to work, to the store, to the gas station, to a restaurant...Of all the women that we pass by (and probably don't even notice), how many do you think are struggling with infertility?The answer is - more than you think. They - we, really - go through life and go about our day, fighting this silent battle that no one knows we are fighting, one that no one knows anything about. A part of our lives that is invisible to the rest of the world....more

Saying Goodbye to #2

This isn't how I hoped things would turn out. We didn't get our miracle. Yesterday, we said goodbye to Baby #2.I was hopeful. I really was. Not perfectly faith-filled, but I prayed and believed God could do this. And I was asking Him to.  But things didn't turn out that way....more

How I Am Surviving This Week

Not that any week when you are dealing with infertility, TTC, or an uncertain pregnancy is easy, but this week has been another challenging week to get through. This is almost starting to feel normal to me: the agonizing wait....more

On Faith, Prayer and Miracles

In any unoccupied moment this weekend, I have been having a running dialogue with God/monologue with myself over this whole pending miscarriage situation. Trying to make some sense. Trying to come to a bottom line where I can find peace.It's not really coming easily to me....more

Me vs. Infertility, Round 4. Winner: To Be Determined

I've struggled with this post - what to say, when to say it, how much to say.  I've been putting it off, waiting for something concrete, certain, specific, before I went public....more
inkscrblr my prayers are with you. God bless you in this journey.more

What Nobody Tells You About Miscarriages

When miscarriage strikes, nobody hands you a fact-sheet with what to expect in the aftermath.   It certainly would have helped....more

Stuck in No Man's Land

So yeah, that's where I am at. The Two-Week-Wait has now evolved into the Three-Week-Wait.And I am thoroughly confused.My last infertility update left off with me waiting. (Really. Is there anything else in this game?)What I can say for sure is that:a.) There was an egg.b.) I surged two days later....more

Me vs. Infertility, Round 3

Yesterday was fertility appointment #3.Last week, I had an egg ready to launch, and the doctor told me now was the time to break out the OPK. That was last Tuesday.I tested on Wednesday. Negative.I tested on Thursday. Smiley face....more