Fertility struggles with PCOS

My fertility story Dear reader whoever you may be. You may be a mom with several children, you maybe young and not ready to start your family, or you may be part of the silent population that I fall into: want children more than anything it seems but yet you are childless and struggling with it, badly. Let's face it we want to put that smile on and say "I'm fine", or when someone asks how you are doing you simply say good, even though you maybe just finished having a full out crying session that left you feeling hopeless....more

My Journey with PCOS

Hello There,...more

PCOS and Infertility: The Connection (and the good news)

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a condition of hormonal imbalance in women.  It effects approximately 5-10% of women and is one of the main causes of infertility.  Many women won’t know they even have PCOS until they try to become pregnant and have difficulties.    ...more

PCOS and TTC what foods to eat

So you have pcos and you want to try to concieve. I bet you are wondering what foods you can eat to help you naturally. Well you are in luck. Here is a link with foods you can eat (men and women) and what vitamin they have and how it helps you. http://www.whattoexpect.com/tools/photolist/fertility-foods-for-men-and-women-infographic ...more

PCOS: Truth and Myth

I will do this in order of Myth then Truth1. Myth: You have to have cysts to have pcos. Truth: Not all "cysters" have cysts. It is not required for a diagnosis of pcos. 2. Myth: all pcos sufferers are obese. Truth: Nearly half of pcos sufferers are normal weight or under weight.I think you get the poing now so I am going to remove the myth truth to make this go a little faster. ...more

Thinking about birth control to control pcos, THINK AGAIN!

From experience and research I can tell you that Provera is the better choice instead of choosing birth control to control your pcos, especially if you are going to be ttc.  Here is why Oral contraceptives are not ideal for pcos. ...more
LynnHewitt-Ramm I took 10 days of provera in feb and up until my recent surgery it regulated me ...more

What is PCOS? How can i control it?

First of all What is PCOS?Pcos is not really a reproductive disease as it seems. It is a disease of the endocrine system.  Some of the symptoms of pcos include; Excessive weight gain (usually starting in early 20s, hirsutism(facial hair growth), acne, amennorrhea (irregular periods), pain, and can also include night sweats, moodiness, excessive tiredness, thyroid issues, diabetes.. really the list can go on for a while. ...more

Introduction: Overcoming infertility and controling pcos.. the beginning.

I will call this my introduction:...more

It's My Pregnancy and I'll Complain if I Want To

After two previous high risk pregnancies, a traumatic birth with my second son which culminated in me needing a blood transfusion, and a new pregnancy which has been riddled with pain, bleeding, and much stress, forgive me for needing to get something off my chest... ...more
I've been trying to get pregnant for over three years and I've had two miscarriages. I will hear ...more

6 Things I've Learned About Myself Because of IVF

What the IVF Process Has Taught Me About Myself...more