Surviving the Winds of Change

Big green eyes look at me curiously as I stare off into space, daydreaming of the little girl I see in my dreams. Her long brown hair blows in the wind as she romps around a field of daisies, waving at me and smiling! “Hi Mommy!” she calls to me. And off she runs to chase another butterfly. My Kathryn. Her identical twin sister is still here with me. She rubs her hand on my cheek and smiles. Does she miss her sister? I wonder if she’ll ever feel the loss as I do. Will she feel cheated?...more

TTTS Tuesday - Chayce and Bryce

Today my friend Jennifer shares the story of her journey with TTTS, of love, and loss.  Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome has taken so much from so many people.  But Jennifer continues to be amazingly positive, happy, and dedicated to her surviving twin.  I hope you will read and share her story.  Awareness saves lives! Chayce and Bryce In March 2010, after two early unexplainable miscarriage’s, we found out we were pregnant with identical twins! Surprise!...more

No Antidote

November 8th.  One year ago today I was anxiously awaiting my weekly appointment to see Dr. Browne.  I was just over 26 weeks pregnant with the girls, and the week before had not been a good appointment. ...more