The Choice~IVF or Tubal Reversal Surgery

Of course the title of “The Choice-IVF or Tubal Reversal Surgery” looks simple. Now if only answering that question after having a tubal ligation and now wanting a baby could be that simple.   This is something that many women struggle with each and everyday. The choice is not easy as there is a ton of information to be found on IVF but what about tubal ligation reversal surgery? What are the pregnancy statistics for both treatments? Of course there is no guarantee for either. Surgeons are trained to do what they do but they are not God. They can do their best but cannot give guarantees because everyone is different and no two bodies are the same.   Recently, Dr. Gary Berger of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center published the results of the largest tubal reversal surgery pregnancy report ever conducted. Pregnancy Report 2009 gives the pregnancy statistics on over 5000 tubal reversal surgery patients and the results are uplifting to say the least. Not only is tubal reversal surgery less expensive than IVF but also the pregnancy rates are better.   Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith perform the surgery as an outpatient procedure and tubal reversal patients are up and moving around an hour later if not sooner. Pain is minimal due to the microsurgery techniques that the surgeons use. Finally, answers to the long questioned debate.       ...more