Women, frat boys are often crap. Control yourself.

So I'm watching HLN and they are talking about this story of 2 college students having sex on top of a building. CUE THE HORROR MUSIC. So the host of the show (Laurie Dhue) has two panelists, Lisa Bloom and the guy who wrote "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell", Tucker Max. The two women are going on and on about how sad this is for the woman, and all college girls in general, because woman are treated like such shit by the guys they go to school with. Um, women are not lost puppies who cannot make decisions for themselves....more

Did You Like the Superbowl Commercials? We Won't Make You Turn in Your Feminist Card.

Amongst the ladies of BlogHer, a bout of semi-secret self-flagellation seems to have broken out in regards to enjoying various commercials that ran during the Super Bowl. Sure, the comments are full of self-confident women standing up for their opinions, explaining why they liked an ad or found it offensive. Behind the scenes, though, e-mails have been flying. For example, Mir at Would Coulda Shoulda gave me permission to share her thoughts: ...more

Thank you. Your post made me remember that I'd intended on Wednesday to post more

Sleeping with the Enemy?: An Interview with Tucker Max

Last week, Laurie challenged me to write about Tucker Max for Blog Day, which is tomorrow. I thought that was a brilliant idea, once I realized that she didn't mean Tucker Carlson. (It took me a few hours.) Word on the street was that Max was a misogynist pig who wrote about his sexploits and treated women as objects, so of course I disliked him, although I never read a word of his. ...more

I have to say that it wasn't until you started talking about him at the Jersey Shore that I ...more