The Hidden Costs of Private Preschools

I am familiar with meltdowns in Target. I have two small children, after all, so I expect to leave Target in a blur of tears, whining, crying, and threats to never, ever return. When I got an unexpected opportunity to go to Target by myself, however, I wasn’t prepared for the meltdown that ensued....more
This post is so spot on!  We had to re-work our budget to include the birthday gifts, and I ...more

Competitive with whom, exactly?

One of the reasons the recent tuition hike by the Charest government has been so controversial is because of the way salaries have gone up in Quebec over the last several years. Leaving aside the shockingly large severance packages being given to parting administrators, the salaries of senior administrators have increased 180% overall and 450% at Concordia University in Montreal alone....more

Is College for All? Does a Proposed Two-Tier System Work?

Sometime in the next few months, my son will receive an acceptance letter to college. And with it, a bill. A big bill. A bill so big it will shape his future, defining what he does in the classroom and after graduation because the schools to which he is applying will cost him (and us, his parents) upwards of half a million dollars.Which begs the question, is it worth it?...more
I come from a country where there is a multi-tiered system (UK) and I'm not sure what I think ...more

Is private school worth it?

I remember going to a dinner party a few years ago and talking to a couple who sent their two kids to private school. As good as the school sounded, I remember thinking, "Are you crazy spending upwards of $20,000 a year in tuition when the public system is perfectly fine?" (Note: I live in Ontario, Canada). I also thought about how I would rather invest that money in a post-secondary education fund for my kids....more

For-Profit Colleges: Good Investment in Your Career or Huge Scam?

Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly. The actors in the for-profit school commercials push the right buttons, both cultural and emotional. Make the call. Get trained. Create a new life. The parlor of the for-profit academic, career and vocational training schools is an expensive one. In one form or another, U.S. tax payers fund the billion-dollar industry price tag for students attending these institutions. ...more

University of California tuition to increase 32 percent

Today, a panel of the University of California Regents—the ten-university system's governing body—approved a proposal to increase undergraduate "fees" (UC's word for tuition) by 32 percent over the coming year. Should the full board of Regents consent to the increase tomorrow, students will see a fee increase of more than $2,500 by fall 2010....more

I don't know--there's got to be something.  Me, my four kids, my daughter-in-law--all ...more