My first ComicCon: A (mostly) Pictorial Essay

#WWTulsaCCSo I got home today from the Tulsa ComicCon. It was sort of a surreal experience; not only did I get to actually leave hearth and home (and children OMG YES) for the best part of 3 days, I went to this huge event ALONE.Yes.ALONE.Which, as you know, is how I typically prefer things, but most of you also know I am not really sociable on my best day and  I tend toward introversion and wall-hugging in large crowds, parties...dates. Whatever....more

Bubble would keep them Healthy!

“Competition is healthy. Especially when all your competitors are unhealthy, and hopefully sick and absent during the competition.
”  ―    Jarod Kintz,    99 Cents For Some Nonsense   ...more