The Classic with a Twist

Classic Club Sandwich with Avocado Mayo...more

Elections herald an increase in women MPs in Turkey, but more progress is needed

From 79 to 98 women, the Turkish Parliament will welcome the highest number of women Members of Parliament in its history after parliamentary elections on 7 June– a significant progress but it is still far from agreed targets. ...more

The Lost and Found of Translation

He was such a nice guy, one of the first to make us feel comfortable when we moved to the village in central Turkey. Thus, it was a shock when he asked me to become his mistress.Because his store was on the main drag, on a corner our family passed whenever we walked home, we had a habit of exchanging daily hellos. “Merhaba, Murat!” I’d cry as we trudged to our house from the bus stop, backpacks and bags full of groceries from the neighboring town....more

Simple and Healthy Turkey Wrap

I know the school year is almost over (yay!), but I'm always on the lookout for quick and healthy lunches that I can eat in the five minutes I might actually have, as a school counselor, to sit and eat (and check email or do paperwork).  I always want something that will keep me moving throughout the afternoon without weighting me down, something I can so while multi-tasking, and something delicious. ...more

Baked Parmesan Turkey Meatballs

How does some meaty, cheesy goodness sound for a Wednesday? I think anything with meat – and especially cheese – sounds good any day of the week. But with Wednesdays typically being my least favorite workday (odd quirk of mine, I know), I like to look forward to a dish like this for dinner....more

Rural women access early cancer screening in Turkey

Cross-posted from UN Women ...more

7 Tips for the Christmas Cook

Before you work yourself into a frenzy trying to plan that perfect Michelin star Christmas dinner,  pour yourself a glass of whatever you fancy, take a minute to read this.  It'll bring your blood pressure down, promise!...more

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Pot Pie

The great quest begins for ways to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers. I can do the traditional Thanksgiving meal for about one meal after the big day and then I'm so OVER it. I have to get creative about ways to use up the leftovers! (Tip: if you host Thanksgiving, tell your guests to bring their own "to-go" containers so you can share some of the leftovers with them too!)...more

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

This little guy sits proudly on his plate....more

Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Soup