Spicy Turkey Burgers with Blue Cheese Gravy

Good grief! Blue cheese gravy should have entered my life way sooner than it did. No one sent me the memo! Pair it with a spicy turkey burger and thick cut fries, and the perfect food marriage has formed....more

Recipe | Turkey Meatloaf

Squeeeee! I made my FIRST ever meatloaf last week! Not going to lie - I had zero idea how it was going to turn out but [insert pat on back] it was great!! It was really moist, and flavorful so I am excited to share the recipe with you! I snagged the original recipe here but tweaked it a bit....more

52. Turkey Tacos with Jerk Seasoning and Roasted Yellow Pepper Salsa

I was really craving crunchy taco shells this time around!  In fact I kind of wanted a "regular" taco.  You know - a ground beef taco with a hard taco shell. ...more

Turkey Noodle Soup

Turkey Noodle Soup.  Last of the turkey leftovers, Thanksgiving is now officially over.  Old-fashioned and homemade soup, full of vegetables, noodles and turkey, and rich stock made from the carcass. http://thehungrybluebird.com/recipes/turkey-noodle-soup/...more

Turkey Curry Soup

Turkey Curry Soup.  Great way to use any leftover turkey.  Flavorful and bright, this Thai-inspired soup has unexpected and welcome flavors after Thanksgiving. http://thehungrybluebird.com/recipes/turkey-curry-soup/...more

Buy The Darn Turkey Already and Fix A Blog

Gobble Gobble!On Thanksgiving Eve, I was trying to do too many things.  My blog needed updating.  I needed breakfast and a lot of coffee....more

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey: The Best One I Ever Made

I don't know about you, but I always get nervous about roasting the Thanksgiving turkey.  It's such a big responsibility.  If your casserole doesn't turn out exactly right, so what?  There are about 100 more casseroles on the table.  But if the turkey is bad?  That's a Big Deal....more

Residence Permit

In order to be a legal residence in Turkey, you must apply and obtain a residence permit. This allows you to be legally in the country, as well as come and go without a visa. You cannot apply online; it requires a meeting in person at a government office where you present all of the required documents listed online. We began this process in July to get my residence permit (Mike doesn't need one since he has military orders).  Here's the order of events. Meeting Number One ...more

Five Favorites

I feel like sometimes I get stuck in this rut where all I want to think about is how different/worse Turkey is than home.  It's usually sparked by something and then I just get going and can't stop.  I found this linkup (a linkup is where a blog writer poses a question and then other blog writers answer the question on their blog.) through a blog I read and figured it's the perfect way to help me think a little more positively about this whole experience....more