Turkey Burger

Making burgers at home is one of the easiest meals for weeknight dinners, especially if you are your own herbs grower...I have been growing a small herb garden on my balcony for years, which makes it easy and convenient to go outside and cut fresh parsley, Sage, Rosemary, or any other herbs any time I need it.  If you do not have your own garden, it is always a good idea to stock up on fresh herbs just for that quick dinner you need to make. ...more

Quick & Easy Turkey Gravy

This Easy Turkey Gravy is rich and delicious but simple enough for even the novice cook. ...more

YUM~a truly unique Spaghetti Squash Recipe you'll love!

Even my non-squash loving friends enjoyed this recipe.  Fabulous combination of flavors and great presentation.  This recipe will get you on the spaghetti squash train....more

Greek Inspired Turkey Meatloaf

Slow Cooker Turkey Tenderloin

This whole fall back thing really throws me for a loop...every year....more

Turkey Cranberry Panini with Herb Cheese Spread

Show of hands...how many of you can't wait to taste some of the flavors of Thanksgiving?Not sure if you noticed that my hand did not shoot into the air!After what happened at our last year's Thanksgiving, you'll understand why....more

The Secret To Groovy Gravy

Pasture to plate, farm to table, nose to tail, and let's not forget my favorite--heads & feet--when it comes to poultry, it's time once again to take a good, hard look at not only how we vote with our food dollars, but how we reduce waste by extracting as much nutrients as possible from the animals that have given their lives to sustain us. Today, more people are making the switch from inhumanely, industrial-raised, antibiotic and chemical laden to locally, pasture-raised...more